>Our rose garden


Hari ni my Other Half tu kan tersangat lah active and rajinnya. Bangun pagi aje lepas breakfast, terus ajak Miss 7 gi bike riding sambil pulangkan dvd to the video store. Lama jugak lah diaorang pergi.

Pastu, balik from that ride, terus ajak Miss 11 pulak pergi bike riding to a different route. Tapi tak lama sangat and they came home so excited because they found a new bike track along this small creek filled with fish and probably yabbies as well. Terus lah we all buat plan nak pergi bike riding to that place esok pagi.

After fikir punya fikir and kira budget, we decided to buy Miss 11 her own big bike. Tak larat weh I nak naik that electric bike anymore. So, they went to the bike shop and she was so happy to finally get her own lilac coloured bike, hehehe.

And then he spent the rest of the morning and noon cleaning both sheds and watering the garden until lunch time and zohor.

Pastu, bila dah relax2 sekejap legakan perut after lunch, we exercised on Wii for 30 minutes. I dah tak larat, but dia boleh pi sambung main Wii tennis for another 30 minutes. Camner lah I nak catch up macam ni!

I tak pergi bike riding lagsung hari ni, I cuma cabut rumput and kemas2 kan vege patch tu Sad smile, mana keluar peluh kan, hehehe.

And then tadi after dinner, I ajak dia gi tengok our front garden sambil smell the roses, pruned the roses and also pulled up this ugly-looking plants yang old owner tanam. He pulled them out, I just cheered aje, wahahaha…..

The Other Half said, “I’ve showered 4 times today! I’m not showering again after I’ve pulled this plants, you know that don’t you? There’s only so much showering a guy can take!


Anyway, layan photos of our rose ‘garden’ ye!


Ini view dari driveway, dah makin besar all the rose bushes, padahal I dah slalu jugak pruned them.


Ini pulak view dari  side fence.

Pokok rose kat bawah ni yang paling wangi and also quite prolific in flowering.


Close-up of one of its flowers.


This is another one yang banyak bunga jugak but not as wangi Smile.


And the close-up..


This red rose looks really pretty tapi duri dia, mak ai, gedabak2 gilers. We all memang mesti guna gloves kalau nak prune the roses Smile.


And there’s a few pink roses baru nak bud.


Some more different coloured roses.





And I nak selit a photo of the sunflowers.


And our dinner tonite, mashed potato boat with meatballs in creamy tomato sauce and sauteed cos lettuce with carrot.


Potatoes tu I baked in the oven first, whole with the skin on. Pastu bila dah sejuk, scoop out the flesh and then mash it using a fork tegether with butter, chopped spring onion, grated cheese, salt and white pepper. Then masukkan balik ke dalam the ‘potato boat’ skin and grill sekejap.


Walaupun makan potato again but lain lah sikit rasa nya Smile.

Miss 7 helped me with the potato. I cuma baked them and scooped the flesh out and chopped the spring onion and grated the cheese. Yang lain dia buat semua. Happy sangat2 dia bila everyone puji ‘her’ potatoes sangat sedap, hehehe.


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