>A gorgeous morning by the creek


We had such a lovely morning going out for that ride to the ‘creek’. Kat sini panggil creek tapi kat M’sia, panggil longkang kot, hahahaha.

When I first came to Australia and pergi jalan2 ronda and saw signs saying, ‘………… creek’. I expected macam sungai kecik with air mengalir deras and penuh dengan ikan lah kan. Well, that’s what I thought creek meant.

But Australia ni kan one of the driest countries in the world so bila you jalan2 nampak that creek sign, what you would most probably see is this empty dry tanah with not a drop of water to be found. Lagi lah kalau you all pergi masa Summer Smile.

When there’s heavy rainfall, baru lah that creek will be filled with water and probably ada a few river animals swimming in it.

Anyway, so tadi we all pun pergi lah picnicking sambil konon2nya mencedok anak ikan kat tepi parit ni. Tak kuasa weh I nak picnicking tepi parit kalau kat M’sia unless memang I nak diet lah, hahaha.

So, layan lah ye some (well, loads actually Smile) photos I took there.


Miss 11’s lilac bike, my light blue bike, Miss 7’s purple bike and The Other Half’s black bike Smile.


Sampai2 aje terus menangguk di air jernih.


He’s trying to catch yabbies but sampai balik takde sekor yabby pun dapat di tangkap, most probably takde yabbies langsung at this creek. Kempunan I nak makan yabbies malam ni, hahahaha.


Kan best kalau dapat tangkap the ducks, bolehlah I buat roast duck malam ni Winking smile.


Or the ibis…


Or the swamp hen….

But what they caught were…


anak2 ikan and anak2 prawns. Buat lekat celah gigi pun tak cukup, hahaha.

Jom pergi tempat lain, maybe ada mak ikan n pak ikan and big prawns that we can find!







Sungguh concentrate mengira anak2 ikan dalam bekas Smile.


How many fish did I catch?


Watching the girls……….


And wajah tuan punya blog Smile.



I pun konon2nya nak lah tangkap anak ikan sekor dua Open-mouthed smile.

Oh yeah, we also found so many raspberry brambles along the creek/river and penuh dengan buah. Tapi tak berani nak ambik sebab takut mana tau the council workers just poisoned them.


Sayang betul…..


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