>Should I or shouldn’t I?


Hubby I tu kan hari2 suruh I join Twitter sebab dia kata follower dia cuma 3 orang aje! Dia nak I join semata2 suruh tambahkan followers dia bukan sebab dia nak tau apa yang I buat every second of the day, hikhikhik….

Pastu sejak dia kemaruk dengan Twitter ni, bangun pagi terus check his Twitter and trending kat Twitter (see, I belajar the new word ‘trending’ from him, hahahaha). Pastu sibuk bagitau I apa yang the latest trending and what the people he follows are tweeting about.

I tau lah everytime you excitedly tell me about the trending and what people (who I tak kenal langsung2) say, I selalunya akan buat muka fascinated and tadah telinga but sebenar2nya, masuk telinga kiri keluar telinga kanan most of them, hikhikhik….

If you were to ask me to summarise what you have said to me, memang I wouldn’t have a clue, hahahaha…

Sorry love….

So sekarang ni I tengah fikir sama ada nak join Twitter or not.

Should I or shouldn’t I?

He kept on telling me, “It’s just like blogging but microblogging. You can do it anywhere Smile.”

I said to him, maybe I should tweet about the embarassing questions Miss 7 asks us everyday which will definitely fill up the hours, hakhakhak….

starting with, “Were you and Dad already married when you had us?

That would be fun! Open-mouthed smile

Tonite for dinner, I made fish n chips. Chips tu I baked but fish tu I goreng. I know I tengah berdiet but I do still eat a few fattening food Smile.


Tapi my plate penuh dgn salad so I feel happy, hehehe


and I makan 2 small pieces aje of the fish which was really yummy Winking smile.

Eh, apasal my fish rupa dia macam pisang goreng ye?

Alamak……kan dah teringin nak makan pisang goreng pulak!


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