>Chefs jemputan in the house


Hari ni hari sangat2 relax sebab The Other Half memang sangat2 rajin hari ni. Dia jemur kain baju, angkat kain baju kat ampaian, basuh pinggan mangkuk and cooked tonite’s dinner with Miss 7!

Uwahhhh…. tergugat kedudukan I nak jadi suri rumah mithali macam ni!(hakhakhakhakhak).

I wonder what’s the udang sebalik mee buat dia rajin sangat hari ni…. hehehehe Winking smile.

The Other Half and his assistant, Miss 7 made a really yummy tuna mornay pasta bake. Recipe from here. Sangat lah sukanya Miss 7 sebab dapat jadi assistant chef but occasionally masa tengah masak tu, dia boleh lupa and thought dia yang head chef, hikhikhik…..


At the end of the cooking session, she said to The Other Half, “Thanks Dad for helping me cook dinner tonite!

Dad dia kata, “Eh? You were the one who helped ME cooked dinner not the other way around, hahaha


I made the salad though. My pinggan separuh salad and separuh tuna bake. Cepatlah turun my weight hendaknya, hikhikhikhik….


So colourful their tuna bake sebab letak peas and cherry tomatoes Smile.

The Other Half found a free downloadable program on the net that tracks our weight loss journey and also what we eat. It’s called http://www.myfitnesspal.com/. And it also recommends how many calories you are supposed to consume in a day. So we all ni sekarang (well, baru sehari aje, hehehe) gigih lah enter in all the things that we eat and also the exercise that we do every day.

Hari ni I suka sangat2 sebab after I’ve keyed in everything, I only consumed 1007cals which is less than the 1200cals that I’m supposed to consume.

Pastu dia bagi note, ‘if you keep on eating and exercising this way, you will weigh 46.2kg after 5 weeks.

What???? That long???????

I might turn into a goat first from eating too much salad before I can achieve that weight, muahahhahaha…….


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