>I only need 30 minutes!


I takdelah exercise lama mana hari2, cuma around 30-45 minutes aje in a day. Selalunya I exercise with Wii Maya for 30 minutes, dapatlah peluh2 jugak buat all those moves.

But hari ni I tergerak nak guna balik the elliptical machine yang dah lama dok tersadai kat luar tu. Sebab I jeles The Other Half rode to work today and he told me yang he spent 800cals riding to work pagi tadi.

I pun lepas buat  the housework, dengan penuh semangat started using the elliptical. I dolu2 slalu guna the machine on max resistance but today I could only do it at half resistance, itu pun rasa macam dah nak kaput aje…..

I’ve only been on it for 10 minutes when…

Miss 7 started asking me so many questions and not fully listening to my answers..

Miss 7: Can I have an apricot?

Me: There’s….no….more…….(sambil panting like mad)

Miss 7:You know that fruit that’s orange in colour, the one that I had before?

Me: There’s……no……..more…….(gilanya trying to pant and talk at the same time)

Miss 7: What is it called again? Or can I have another fruit.

Me: What..e…ver….. Don’t….ask…me….I’m…exer…cis……ing…….. (Dalalam hati dah tension habis2 sebab dah lah penat nak bernafas, pastu nak kena jawab her questions lagi)

Miss 7: I’ll have the plums then (Apasal lah kamu tak paham2, tak nampak ke Mak kamu tengah termengah2 tu, still tanya soalan gak!) .

Pastu tak sampai 2 minutes….

Miss 7: But this one doesn’t taste nice. Can I have another 1?

Mum: (Masa ni tengah geram sgt2 Annoyed, terus lah dapat energy sekejap untuk membebel). Can’t you see I’m exercising. Don’t ask me any questions, do whatever you like. I only need 30 minutes.

Terus senyap Miss 7, muahahahahaha….

Then masa I tengah betul2 rasa nak pengsan at 25 minutes, Miss 11 pulak datang and asked me a question.

Mum: Agggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I only need 30 minutes of peace!

Typical kids! I don’t disturb them when they are playing with their toys or on the Wii or on the computer. I nak exercise cuma setengah jam aje pun tak senang!

Ada aje orang kacau. Kalau lah I exercise jenis yg lepak2 masih boleh gelak2 sambil exercise takpelah nak answer all the questions.

Ini, nak bernafas pun semput, lagi lah nak jawab questions! Hikhikhikhik…..

The Other Half kata I should have advised/told/threatened them first not to disturb me during the exercise, baru lah diaorang tak kacau.

Hari2 kah mau kasi tau? Baring teeth smile

Tapi bila dah tengah hari, dah tak geram dah, dapat lah I buat bread rolls to have for dinner.



I buat white bread rolls untuk cicah dengan honey mustard chicken with leek, mushroom, carrots and beans.


That corn is called snow white super sweet corn. They are definitely very very sweet Smile.


It is not a soup, but it is not a stew either, hehehe….


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