>Another normal Tuesday


Hari ni disebabkan I menjegilkan mata sambil memberikan dire warning to The Little Misses not to disturb me during my exercise, dapatlah I ber exercise dengan aman, hehehehehe.

But I rasa lagi teruk nak pengsan kaput exercising today! I am so unfit betul lah!

But the weighing scale is showing some imrovement so I rela rasa2 nak pengsan buat exercise tu asalkan hati I berbunga2 naik penimbang lepas tu, hahahaha. Sambil menyelam, sambil minum air lah kiranya kan. I nak keep myself fit and healthy but losing weight at the same time, yabedabedu lah kan!

Malam ni I makan salad as a main meal again. (Kan hajat hati I nak jadi ala2 kambing or rabbit, makan sayur aje, hehehehe).

I made green salad with tomato and grated carrot mixed with sliced chicken burger, torn lebanese bread, grilled eggplant and a handful of oven-baked chips Smile.



This is less than 500 cals so ok lah kan for a dinner.

The rest had chicken burger with salad and chips.

And then lepas dinner, we all bercanda at the front lawn. The Little Misses and The Other Half bermain2 while I jadi papparazzi.

Layan lah ye some more photos of flowers and the girls.





Nak tengok bunga ros rumah my neighbour?


Lagi berderet dari rumah I! Tapi kaler pink aje lah semua, hehehe. Lagi lah rasa macam nak petik2 aje bunga ros dia ni kan Smile.

And some photos of The Little Misses Smile.


Serabai but Miss 11 and I tadi gelak2 cuba masukkan our fingers thru the corkscrew curls, hehehe….


Happy as can be…….


I think she really wants to be a cowgirl Winking smile.


Weh, dah maghrib weh, masuk masuk!!!!!


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