>Tak boleh nak buat wordless wednesday, haha


Remember our supposedly romantic dinner for 2 to celebrate our anniversary last year?

Fikir punya fikir, last2 we all tukar ia jadi non-romantic lunch for 4, hehehe. Susah banget nak cari babysitter, nak cari time dinner yang sesuai and macam2 hal. So, tu yang tukar ke lunch and hangkut The Little Misses sekali!

Esok ni lah we all nak pergi our non-romantic lunch with the kids tagging along. Kalau ada budak 2 orang tu memang lah takkan romantik langsung sebab asik diaorang aje yang bercakap especially Miss 7, hahaha.

Tak boleh lah The Other Half and I nak berbisik2 ayat2 hangat cinta sambil melentuk2 manja dan bermain2 mata, hikhikhikhik……

(knowing us, we’ll be too busy shovelling food down our throats kot and we’ll be saying to each other, “less talk, more food!”.)


Tu yang the past few days, we all berkobar2 berexercise and cutting down on our food intake. Sebab nak melantak sakan esok ni lah! Tak lah rasa guilty sangat kan kalau we all makan lebih2 esok kan.

Tadi when I entered my final food intake for today on myfitnesspal, it says, ‘If every day were like today…   You’d weigh 44.7 kg in 5 weeks .’

But I rasalah kan, kalau I enter all the food yang I akan makan esok, it will marah I and say, ‘If every day were like today…   You’d gain 5kg in 5 weeks.’ hikhikhikhik…

Malam ni for dinner I made a combination of frittata and crustless quiche. I guna this recipe. But I added diced potato and sweet potato, grated carrot and peas in it and kurangkan the cheese.

So, tak payah lah I makan or make another carb to eat with the quiche sbb dah ada potatoes in it.


Just came out of the oven.


Choc-a-block with things inside it Smile.


My plate tonite. I had 1/8th of a slice aje (sebab nak makan banyak esok kan, hehehehe.)


But kenyang makan banyak ni aje pun especially if you drink lots of water with it Smile.


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