>Sambungan cerita our non romantic lunch for 4


The lunch yesterday went well. The girls were very well behaved and the adults were very well behaved too (takde adegan lentuk2 manja atau hembus2 telinga, hakhakhakhak (tak kuasa I)).

Macam mana lah nak buat adegan lentuk2 manja kan, The Other Half and I weren’t sitting next to each other or even bertentangan each other (nak main footsie bawah meja pun tak boleh sebab my kaki not long enough, hehehehe).

I was sitting next to Miss 11 and opposite Miss 7 so senanglah I nak pantau both of their perangai Winking smile. And takde masa pun we all nak berdua2 an sebab bila sorang duduk kat meja, sorang lagi kena bawak the girls pergi ronda2 buffet tables and vice versa. The girls were good but we would rather take them to get the food instead of bagi diaorang pergi jalan2 sendiri. Ye lah kan, kalau jadi apa2, we the adults yang responsible.

Then The Other half said to me, “Happy anniversary Dear!

The Little Misses said, “ Wasn’t your anniversary last month?

I said, “Yeah lah, but we couldn’t find anyone to babysit you and we couldn’t find the right time to go so we decided to celebrate it with lunch with you girls instead!

(aren’t your parents baik hati! hehehehe)

Then they asked, “So, how did you propose to Mum anyway?

That my daughters will be another story all together, hehehehe….. One day when we have the time and the inclination, we’ll tell you all about it In love.

And if you asked me to show you what we had, memang tak boleh nak tunjuk lah because we were too busy stuffing our faces to take photos, hehehe.

(and The Other Half were too busy  writing down all that he ate so he could enter it in his daily food diary. I pulak couldn’t be bothered doing that and just told him that I’ll put the same on my food diary.)

And seperti yang di jangkakan, memang our calories intake semalam berlebih2 giler just for that lunch and yet, we didn’t eat that much either sebab tak nak pig out beria2. We definitely tak ambik carbs sangat semalam. And I guess sebab dah berhari2 diet, our perut pun dah kecik sikit so memang tak boleh nak makan banyak sangat, hehehe.

I was saying to The Other Half, no wonderlah kalau balik M’sia memang akan naik 2-3kg even cuma balik for 2-3 weeks aje. Sebab hari2 melantak sakan all these high calorie food! Pagi makan roti canai 2 keping with kopi ais, tengah hari makan nasi with all lauk pauk, petang makan goreng pisang and kuih muih 2-3 ringgit and malam makan mee or KFC or nasi again. We probably eat a week’s worth of calories in 1 day, manalah berat tak membelon masa tu, hahahaha…..

(Luckily lah balik M’sia cuma occasionally aje kan! Smile).

So, last night we all cuma makan sup aje and The Little Misses cuma makan toast aje sebab everyone was still so full from lunch.

But malam ni I masak balik dah, mana boleh malas2 lama2, hehehe..

I made vegetarian pizza (loads of veges and not much cheese and all low fat Smile).


I letak thinly sliced onions, diced eggplant, diced capsicum, diced tomatoes and diced pineapple.

And then makan dengan scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and green salad.



This is about 400+ cals aje so ok sangat2 lah kan for dinner Smile.


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