>Miss 7 making pasta


I love cooking and baking with The Little Misses but it is definitely a ‘chore’ when doing it with Miss 7.

First, I have to tune my ears to listening to non-stop talking mode. Kira macam dengar morning talk show without any songs intervals lah, hehehe. Lama2, bosan jugak kan Winking smile.

Second, I have to brace myself for getting usurped from my job as head chef by the assistant chef! Like just now for example…

Tadi I asked her to help me make pasta. I wanted to make lasagne for dinner tonite (the low fat version, hehehe). So, I pun keluarkan lah mesin pasta and showed her how to roll the pasta nicely and all the steps. Sambil2 tu, I masak the bolognaise sauce to use in the lasagne.

Pastu, dia boleh cakap kat I, “that’s ok Mum. I can do the rolling by myself. Why don’t you go and do something else?”. (sambil tepis2 tangan I tak bagi tolong dia roll the dough).

Say what? Hahahahahahahaha…..

Memang lawan tokey betul lah budak tu. Baru aje dilantik jadi assistant chef, dah pandai2 suruh head chef retire, hikhikhikhik…

Nasib baik lah head chef nya perangai bukan macam Gordon Ramsay tu! Maybe sebab tu kot assistant chef tak takut, hakhakhak…

Pastu, dari awal sampai akhir tak berenti bercakap!

Even The Other Half pun geleng kepala dengar dia cakap non stop (and he wasn’t even in the kitchen with us, hehehehe).


Happy sungguh dia sebab I tak ‘kacau’ dia menggelek pasta, hehehe.


Sungguh tekun bekerja sampai bibir pun herot merot Smile.


Masa ni terpaksa panggil head chef datang tolong sebab assistant chef tak cukup tinggi nak pegang the dough sambil pusing the roller. Pastu, siap berdiri atas kerusi lagi! Open-mouthed smile

And the end product, low fat beef and vege lasagne. I letak diced capsicum, diced eggplants and diced carrots in the bolognaise sauce.


I tak letak bechamel or cheese sauce langsung for this lasagne. I cuma tabur low fat mozzarella and a bit of grated parmesan cheese on the top most layer.


It still tasted good even without the cheese sauce Smile.

Malam esok The Other Half nak makan nasi and lauk. Macam mana lah I nak avoind makan nasi 2 pinggan ni ye? hehehe…..


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