>School fees, AdventureWorld and Schnitzel :-)


Hari ni we spent the whole day at AdventureWorld which is a place a bit like Sunway Lagoon lah (but on a smaller scale, hehehe). The Little Misses memang tak berhenti langsung main air and naik the rides except bila kelaparan. even though bergelen2 sunscreen we all bubuh, they were still quite tanned when they got home Smile.

I plak spent most of the time lepak2 dalam tent sambil baca novel. Cukuplah spent 2 hours main air kan, lagi best lepak2 dalam tent lepas tu Smile.

I might letak some of the photos I took today esok2 lah ye.

Some people asked me rentetan entry semalam about the school fees and whether public school ada fees ke tak.

Students at public school in WA (I’m not sure about the other states) ni either primary or secondary schools still kena bayar fees. Takde free education kat sini, hehehe. They called this voluntary contributions. Different schools will charge different amounts of voluntary contributions ni. But the goverrnment has already set the max amount a school can ‘ask’ for. Tu yg amount dia boleh berbeza2 each school. But definitely lah tak semahal private schools!

Like Miss 7, her voluntary contributions this year will be $60. And on top of that $60, we still have to pay for anything that crops up throughout the year like swimming lessons, all the excursions, all the incursions, any activities that require some more money, edudance and so on and so on.

And the textbooks semua kena beli sendiri.

And for Miss 11 pulak, the fees depend on what subjects the students are taking. Ada subjects yang charge fees mahal and ada subjects yang charge fees tak mahal. And their voluntary contributions mahal sikit dari primary schools.

This is what we have to pay for Miss 11 for the whole year. Kalau kat private school, lain cerita lah ye, hehehe…


She’ll be taking all the subjects listed on the above bill. Subject yang paling mahal for her is Food Awareness. The Other Half kata, nak beli all the barang mentah to cook bukannya murah, hehehe.

So, anyone yang ada anak2 nak masuk public primary school or high school kat WA, this is just an example what you might have to pay.

And since we spent the whole day kat luar, I tak masak dinner malam ni. But I’ll show you what we had last nite ye Smile.

I made crumbed beef schnitzel, oven baked wedges and green salad.


All this was about 500cals so tak lah banyak sangat kan Smile.


Kat rumah ni lagi suka makan crumbed beef schnitzel dari chicken.

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