>Perth and the storm


Yeay, we finally got a thunderstorm here in Perth after so many thunderstorm warnings over the past few months. Actually, budak2 tu yang excited lebih sebab kat sini tak banyak storms unlike M’sia Smile. But the storm today is unlike the usual storms you find during Winter where it’s cold and freezing. Storm tadi memang betul2 tropical because it was still so hot and muggy but pouring with rain!

Pagi tadi it was so hot, it got to 41.8°C at 2pm about an hour before the storm started. Pastu, tiba2 gelap and terus hujan lebat gilers.

The Other Half kata, teringat dia masa duduk kat M’sia, hehehehe.

Why I ambik gambar the hujan? Sebab kat sini kan negara kering and jarang hujan, so tu yg macam jakun aje ambik gambar, hahahaha…….



And this is our apple tree. Kesian dia sebab this is probably the 3rd heavy rain it’s endured. All our apples yg masih kecik2 memang gugur semua because of the heavy rain Sad smile. Baru aje nak membesar dah kena hujan so gugur lah dia. Tak dapat nak merasa buah apple this season, sob sob……


Esok, the BOM kata Cyclone Bianca nak mai Perth but they don’t know how strong it will be. Habislah pokok apple I ni, memang tak tinggal sebiji pun buah lah nampak gayanya…..

The Other Half wanted to fire on the barbie for dinner tonite tapi sebab hujan, tak jadi lah dia nak berBBQ, terpaksalah dia masak kat atas dapur aje, hehehe.

This was what he cooked tonite.

Grilled bronze whaler shark steak in cajun spice rub, makan dengan tomato and avocado salsa and seasoned roast potato.



Sharks ni tak boleh makan selalu because as the norm in big fish, they usually have high levels of mercury in them which is not good for us. Tu yg I lagi suka makan ikan bilis, sure takde mercury, hahahaha……

Ikan bilis masak sambal, ikan bilis goreng dengan kacang, ikan bilis makan dengan nasi goreng… Fulamak sedapnya, hikhikhikhik…..

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