>Sunday without Bianca :-)


Today is Sunday (macamlah ada yang tak tau, hehehe) and Cyclone Bianca has decided to pass us by without doing any stopovers, Alhamdulillah. But it would have been nice to have had a little bit of rain from Bianca though Smile.

Kat rumah I ni, kalau weekend or when everyone is at home, I noticed that there seems to be so many water glasses/tumblers lying around everywhere in the kitchen.

I heran betul lah sebab kat rumah ni cuma ada 4 orang aje tapi kadang2 tu the glasses/tumblers yang lying around adalah dalam 10 macam tu kot.

Bila I tanya The Little Misses and The Other Half sape yang guna gelas berlambak2 tu, takde sorang yang mengaku and semua buat muka heran…

Ini yang buat I sangat2 mushkil, sejak bila pulak rumah I ni ada simpan benda2 halus or orang bunian or invisible friends yang terer minum air bergelas2 ni ye?

Bila I duduk rumah sorang2, tak pulak benda misteri ini berlaku, 1 aje gelas from morning till the others come home….


Kena letak cctv cameras lah around the kitchen kan kalau nak nab the culprits, hikhikhikhik… Winking smile

Malam ni for dinner, I made grilled polenta (I beli yang instant dah siap tu) and makan dengan grilled lamb chops with its jus and bocconcini, grilled eggplant and green salad.


I’m not sure if I got it right or not though, my plate ni is only around 300cals aje which is not much langsung kan! But sangat2 mengenyangkan and yummy….


I cuma makan sekeping aje polenta tu because dah kenyang, hehehe…

The gravy/jus we ate with the lamb tu I buat senang aje.

Ini recipe gravy yang I selalu buat.

After you’ve grilled the lamb, jangan basuh the grill pan. Keep the heat on low and add a teaspoon of butter to it until it has melted.

Then add about a tablespoon of plain flour and cook it for about 1-2 minutes. Then add some water as much as you want to. Add some soy sauce/kicap masin to taste and then let it simmer until the gravy’s reduced/thickened a bit.

Pastu, bolehlah makan dengan your chops or steak! Tak payah susah payah beli gravy powder.


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