>Their favourite Summer words


Favourite words used by The Little Misses sepanjang cuti ni…

‘hold on….’


‘not now…’

‘in a minute…’

‘I’ll do it soon….’


Why can’t their favourite words be…


‘can I do it now?’

‘would you like me to do it now?’


‘going now…’

‘yes Mum…’


Wouldn’t that be wonderful! Smile. But I can only dream and hope aje lah for that to happen, hehehehe……

The Other Half said that I’m only making myself stressed because I’m asking them to do everything according to my time frame. He then said, ff I were to follow The Little Misses time frame and go with the flow then I tak kan stressed when they say, ‘later’, ‘not now’, ‘wait’, ‘hold on’….

Iyo lah tu Cik Abang, you pun kadang2 geram jugak kat budak2 tu bila dengar ‘wait’, ‘not now’, ‘hold on’, hikhikhikhik……

Malam ni for dinner I made cottage pie makan dengan green salad.


But I made the reduced-calorie version of mashed potato topping tu. I made it using skimmed milk and olive oil spread instead of loads of butter and cream Smile. Rasa dia tak selemak the fat-laden version lah but still very nice.


And on top of the topping I scatter a tiny amount of grated parmesan and bocconcini to enhance the flavour.

And the bolognese beef filling pulak I letak segala macam sayur.

The Other Half is happy sebab I’m still making all his favourite food but the lower calorie version so takde lah dia rasa macam dia berdiet kan Smile.


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