>The night before schools start


The schools opening tomorrow and everyone is excited, from Emak to Bapak to anak2, hehehehe…

Sepatutnya I pergi Miss 7’s school petang tadi to find out which class she’ll be in. But malas betul nak keluar rumah bila dah panas tadi and we are going to find out esok pagi anyway masa kat sekolah so might as well just wait until esok kan Open-mouthed smile. We just hope some of her good friends are in the same class as her so tak lah dia rasa lonely sangat.

And since tugas I sebagai supir and makcik kantin will be starting again esok, kenalah I masuk tidur awal starting from tonite. Tak boleh lah I nak tidur balik lepas Subuh nanti, hehehe….

The Little Misses have asked for fruit salad and buttered popcorns for recess and I’ve made sausage roll for their lunches. Tu yang kena tidur awal sebab nak buat fruit salad n popcorns esok pagi2, hehehe. (Nasib baik the popcorns beli yang microwavable tu so senang kerja I, hehehehe).

So, instead of borak panjang, I tayang our dinner aje lah.

We had thai beef salad on a base of japanese noodles.


The noodles I cuma boiled in water flavoured with soy sauce and sesame oil aje so dia tak clash dengan the thai flavouring.


I marinated the beef using this recipe and then grilled it in a grill pan. But for the girls, I guna marinate lain yang tak pedas and I tak bagi banyak sayur.

Memang ada rupa rabbits dah we all sekarang ni sebab makan greens aje hari2!


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