>Their first day


First day of school went really well for The Little Misses. Miss 7 got the same teachers she had last year so she was really happy. I am happy as well because they were really good teachers. And some of her good friends are still in the same class as her so adalah kawan dia nak main2 and pergi makan sama Smile.

But it was sad to see her teacher (the one who had a stillborn baby) standing there in the class and us knowing how sad she must have been. Miss 7 straight away hugged her teacher when she saw her and said, “I’m really sorry and sad about what happened to your baby.” And she answered, “It is sad.

It is funny kan yang we adults will feel awkward in that situation, not knowing what is the right thing to say to that bereaved person. And not knowing how to act either. But with kids, they are so innocent, they will say what’s in their mind and what they are feeling at the time. And they normally say the right thing….

Miss 11 had a blast as well on her first day of school. I sent her to the school gate aje and there were already ‘big’ students which they call ‘peer leaders’ and teachers waiting for the new students to take them around.

After primary school, her high school seems so big. It is the biggest public school in WA so I guess memang besar betul2 lah kan the school, hehehe. They were given maps of the school as well so they won’t get lost when going around the school ground looking for their classes which are everywhere. Dah lah anak I tu kecik aje banding dgn budak2 lain, sure nya lah boleh hilang kat tengah2 lautan manusia tu, hehehe.

Luckily the high school finishes 15 minutes earlier than the primary school so I have asked Miss 11 to go to Miss 7’s school lepas habis sekolah and wait for me there. Tak kuasa I nak mencari dia kat the high school, memang tak kan jumpa punyalah Smile.

And for a treat tonite, I made crispy baked chicken, oven-baked fries and low calorie coleslaw for dinner. Ye lah, nak makan kfc, mana ada yg halal kat sini. Kalau beli kat chicken shop, sure punya the chicken and fries will be deep fried kan and the coleslaw penuh dgn lemak. Habislah diet we all, hehehe.

But, the chicken set that I made tonite was only 420cals aje but still rasa macam makan kfc, hikhikhik…


I had 2 pieces of chicken, 100g of coleslaw, 100g of fries and a bit of sauce. Memang sangat2 mengenyangkan.

I sort of guna this recipe for the chicken wings but I didn’t have a few of the ingredients so I tukar ganti with a few other spices. Memang rasa dia sangat2 crispy but much lower in fat.


Nak buat coleslaw rendah calorie and lemak, you can substitute the mayo with reduced fat mayo or cari yg lower calories and use half mayo half very light sour cream. The taste is still creamy but less fat.

Miss 7 makan coleslaw tadi lagi banyak dari we all, hikhikhik. She even requested to have the coleslaw untuk lunch esok Smile.

The Other Half was 1 very happy man sebab dapat makan this set tanpa rasa guilty, hahahahaha….


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