>Recycled food


The problem with going on our ‘diet’ is the food left over from dinners. Sometimes I akan teringat masa masak tu and will reduce all the raw ingredients accordingly. But sometimes I sort of forgot about it and still masak banyak.

Like tonite, I tak tau nak masak apa for dinner. Bukak freezer, I saw so many bags of cooked rice and hari tu punya kari. Dari buat menyemak kan freezer, baik I buat masak dinner kan.


I made nasi goreng sayur with the cooked rice but using non stick wok so you dont need oil actually. Tapi I letak jugak about 2 teaspoons which wasn’t much for about 5cups+ rice. I saje masak banyak2, pastu boleh simpan balik dlm freezer or makan for lunch esok, hehehe.


This was my plate. Our diet is a calorie-controlled diet so boleh makan everything (healthy stuff and non healthy stuff) including all the carbs. We love our carbs and we will always eat it no matter what and we can’t live without it. Smile.

But we also exercise everyday at the same time.

I know ramai orang yg kalau sebut diet, maksudnya tak boleh makan nasi. But nasi ni lebih kurang aje calorie dengan white bread or potato or mee or pasta or any other starch. What’s the point of not eating rice but bantai white bread and potato like mad, hehehe.

The Other Half has lost 8kg+ so far and I’ve only got 500g to go before reaching my dream weight, hehehe. The Other Half still has his treats occasionally which for him is potato crisps. But he makes sure he portions it so he knows how many calories he’s consuming. Tu yang buat dia lagi happy sebab still losing weight and can eat his beloved Pringles at the same time, hikhikhik….

(I know I asik cerita pasal our weight loss journey and diet aje kan. But mana lah tau kan, ada orang yang baca ni tergerak hati nak start losing weight secara healthy.)

I told The Other Half yang once I have reached that weight, I’m going to celebrate by making myself a decadent choc cake Smile. The Other Half tak kisah sbb dia tak suka sangat choc cake ni so kalau I buat pun, dia tak kan tergoda punya, hahaha.

Can’t wait for that day to arrive so I can makan choc cake! Open-mouthed smile

So, kalau tetiba I tayang gambar choc cake kat blog ni, maksudnya I dah berjaya capai my target weight lah Smile.


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