>I’m back :-)


Angkat tangan sape rindu nak baca celoteh I? Hikhikhik…. Winking smile.

Awat lah all the speculations for the reason I malas berblog semua revolve around me being bunting? Kahkahkahkahkah….

To set the record straight. I AM NOT!

No double blue lines anywhere! (Not that I checked anyway, hehehe).

(I thought of putting up a photo of my flat tummy to squash the rumour that says I’m preggy. Tapi nanti, jeles pulak Posh Spice tehngok ke ‘flat’ an tummy I so baik tak payah letak, hikhikhikhik)

I was just malas for no apparent reason.

The Other Half kata maybe sebab I dah tak tau nak cerita apa kat this blog since I’ve been blogging for a few years so dah habis segala cerita2 sensasi about us that I can write about.Smile with tongue out

We do live a boring life most of the time Open-mouthed smile.

Nak cerita sensasi pasal orang lain, what’s the point kan, hehehe.

The latest cerita about us is that The Other Half has lost 9.4kg so far. While I pulak have gained a bit of weight instead of losing due to that cycle of the month. Sangat lah geramnya. Baik I melantak sakan macam ni kan, hehehe…

So, makin jauh lah nampak nya nak merealisasikan coklat kek itu……

But, let me show you what we’ve been eating the past few nights..


Vege pizza again with a scatter of diced sausage. We have fallen in love with vege pizza with not much cheese at all Smile.


Malam yang I makan vietnamese chicken pho ni, everyone makan different things. The Little Misses makan popcorn chickens with fries, The Other Half makan oven-baked popcorn chicken with pasta and I makan this soup. Memang tak malas betul lah I masak malam tu Winking smile

And then tonite, I made stuffed grilled portobello mushroom and pan-fried gnocchi in sage n olive oil with meatballs in pasta sauce.


Malam tadi we all tengok MyKitchenRules on TV and diaorang buat stuffed grilled mushroom. Tu yg tergoda nak buat, hehehe.


But ours didn’t look as pretty and as appetising as theirs. Maybe sebab ours ni kurang lemak nya version kot, hahahaha.


And baby gnocchi with meatballs in pasta sauce.


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