>Our ‘diet’ food


Some people asked me how The Other Half managed to lose weight with the ‘delicious’ dinners that I cooked (delicious-looking aje, hehehe Winking smile).

Bila I tanya The Other Half, dia kata, “Plenty of exercise and portion control and cutting down on the junk food and sugary drink.”

Dia memang exercise a lot everyday. Mana tak nya, he rides 50kms everyday, going to work and back home. He burns so much energy cycling everyday and with his portion-controlled meals and snacks, he loses all the fat ‘easily’. You should see his calves now, kalah Lance Armstrong nya calves, hikhikhik. So well defined Open-mouthed smile.

(And you should see his shrinking waistline too! Mama Mia! Hahahahaha).

He doesn’t ride on Friday but every morning (pagi2 buta) before he goes to work and I organise the girls, he and I will do about 45 minutes of core body/upper body workout on Wii.

And then on weekend, he’ll do Wii, exercise on the elliptical and occasionally go on bike ride with The Little Misses.

I yang tulis ni aje pun dah mengah as though I burn banyak calories, lagi lah dia yang buat all the exercise kan, hehehe.

And now he eats just slightly more than me. Bukannya I yang makan banyak as him but dia yang makan sejemput aje macam I. Tu yang kadang2 I rasa I terover makan bila the food tengok his plate now sebab selalu nya his food will be piled high on the plate.

Mula2 memang lah dia sentiasa lapar sebab dari big portion kena kurangkan portion. But sekarang ni, he’s really full after a small meal (sebab perut dia dah mengecut kan Smile). We normally will weigh our food on the scale so senang nak enter on Myfinesspal and find out how much calories we are consuming. Memang leceh sikit lah sebab everytime nak makan anything and everything, kena weigh and kena baca the calorie info on the pack.

But nak sihat and lose weight kan, so terpaksalah bersusah payah dahulu, bersenang2 kemudian, hehehehe…

Malam ni I made asian salad with grilled prawn and thai dressing. Ni pun angkara tengok MyKitchenRules last nite lah.


Since meal ni memang sikit sangat2 carbs, it’s really low in calories. Yang meninggikan calories nya was the thai dressing.


We really love the prawns Smile.

(Psst…limau/lime tu kat sini 70sen sebiji! Hehehehe)

The Little Misses makan benda lain lah sebab diaorang tak perlu jaga calories sangat (well… except Miss 7 kot, hahaha).

And for dessert pulak, we had grilled mango cheeks with no-fat yoghurt and a drizzle of golden syrup.


It satisfied our sweet tooth and still low in cals. A win-win situation Smile.


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