>My chocolate cake treat day


Hari yang dinantikan sekian lama muncul juga akhirnya Smile.

Orang lain treat themselves to a  new wardrobe or a new handbag when they’ve lost weight. I pulak list ‘having a decadent choc cake’ as my treat once I’ve lost all this weight. Naik lah balik berat kamu tu nanti! hehehehe……

Takpe, as long as the cake is still within the calorie requirement, it wont affect my weight (harap2 lah, hikhikhik…).

So, tadi I made flourless choc hazelnut cake using this recipe as the base. But I only made half of the recipe, mixed half dark n half milk choc, kurangkan gula to 100g only and tak letak coffee liquer obviously.

The taste was just devine! Miss 11 makan sampai 2 keping. I and The Other Half makan sekeping sorang aje. Itu pun I rasa dah muak sangat because it’s so rich! But well worth the calories consumed lah, hehehe….




Sangat rich and moist from the hazelnut meal used in the cake.


Saje je I tayang gambar kek ni banyak2, so you all pulak tergoda, hahaha…

Since I nak makan kek malam ni, my lunch and dinner tadi were low calorie meals lah Winking smile.


The Little Misses ada swimming every Friday so I masak yang sempoi2 aje lah every Friday bila malas Smile.


Mushroom ni tak banyak calories but so mengenyangkan. Tu yang we all asik2 makan mushrooms aje, hehehe.


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