>Let me tell our story


Terkejut semua orang tengok gambar I semalam tu ye? Smile.

I pun bila tengok gambar tu, baru realised yang dah kurus balik I ni, hehehehe….

I nak cerita panjang about how I/we did it…(so go get an apple while you read this Winking smile)

Selama ni I tau I tak lah gemuk mana. My BMI was still within normal range. But it was getting to be quite close to the upper level of normal. My pants semua dah a bit tight around the thighs and some around the waist. And I also noticed yang ada setengah pants dulu kena pakai belt, pastu jadi tak payah pakai belt. And I can feel my body getting a bit sluggish.

I needed to lose 3kg aje pun to get back to my comfortable weight.

But I know from experience that it is so easy for that weight to creep up and push my BMI into the overweight range. Once dah masuk overweight, memang susah nak kuatkan semangat nak bagi dia turun balik. I’ve been there a few times Smile.

Alhamdulillah, every time, I managed to get back to the weight that I like. And all of those times, we did it the right way, by reducing my food intake/jaga makan and also exercising.

But this is the first time we’ve used MyFitnessPal to regulate our daily calories. Sebelum ni we just did it ourselves by just reducing the portion of our food, kurangkan gula and lemak and stop eating junk/snacking.

We all tak pernah go on any so-called diet fads or any replacement meals or any appetite suppressant drugs/herbs. For us, they are too restrictive and can’t be sustained by us for a long time. Jiwa rebellious we all akan cepat memberontak, hehehe.

And what had been happening previously to make us gained the weight again, you might ask?

Well, selalunya it coincides with holidays to M’sia and makan tak hengat bila bercuti. And then bila tengah bercuti, memang lah takkan exercise kan. So, bila balik OZ balik, badan dah berat and perut dah kembang from too much melantak and semangat exercise dah zero bila dah lama bercuti, terus lah sambung the bad habits.

And the weight crept back up gradually….. Sad smile.

You know what people say, “ It takes years for us to gain that extra weight on our bodies so it will take some time jugak lah for the weight to be reduced.

Tapi biasalah kan, zaman sekarang ni, semua nak cepat aje termasuk lah nak lose weight. Kalau boleh nak hilangkan semua lemak tu semalam jugak! Open-mouthed smile. Mana boleh macam tu unless you do liposuction surgery lah kan, hehehe.

You bayangkan, some of us gained 10-15kgs in a year from overeating and lack of exercise.

But then bila the dietitian or doctor or the nutritionist kata to try losing the weight at 500g/week, kita rasa macam lambat noh nak kurang kan berat badan and terus tak nak ikut cakap doctors. Padahal, if you calculate, 500g X 52 weeks=26kgs in a year! Lagi banyak dari yg kita gained kan!

Memang lah best kalau the weight goes down so quickly but the quicker it goes down, kadang2, the quicker it’ll go back up Smile.

The Other Half lost so much weight in such a short time by really reducing his food intake to only 1600-1700cals/day but increasing his exercise to 1800 or more cals/day. So, his calorie deficit is quite big tu yang boleh lose weight quickly. He used to be in the obese BMI range but now he’s gone to the overweight range. He will keep on doing this until he’s in the healthy BMI and healthy waist measurement.

I pulak survived on 1000cals-1200cals/day and I do exercise daily on top of that. My exercise will normally burn around 300-400cals/day aje. I cuma buat elliptical/cross trainer or Wii exercise routine aje.

I don’t skip meals at all, I cuma tak snack sangat lah. I normally will have an oat breakfast because it fills me up the longest. Then I have lunch for around 300cals and then more calories at dinner time. Kalau our meals happened to be really low calorie meals, we’ll top up with fruit to increase the calories.

We all still makan nasi occasionally at dinner time but I only makan 1/2cup of rice which is around 110cals aje. White bread 2 keping pun dah 110cals jugak so sama aje the calories yang masuk inside you. Kalau I buat kari, I lagi suka makan dengan nasi dari makan dengan roti sebab I rasa lagi heaven makan nasi+kari tu Smile.

But now since I don’t want to lose any more weight, I have to increase my calorie intake. And I’m concentrating on exercises to tone up my muscles. So, my bottom will become more pert, my thighs and arms won’t be flabby anymore and my abs will be more defined Smile. Tapi, takdelah I nak sampai dapat 6-pack tu ye!

So, that’s how we did it and still doing it. We know we will have bad days where we over eat but hopefully not many of those days around lah, hehehe…. We just have to make sure we get back on the right track eh! Open-mouthed smile

And this dinner we had last nite was only around 310cals aje!


Pasta with grilled chicken breast, pesto and veges.


It was still very filling tapi rendah calories Smile.

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