>story about The Little Misses pulak


Meh lah I cerita pasal The Little Misses pulak. Dah lama I tak cerita pasal diaorang kan. Asik cerita pasal low cal food, pasal exercise, pasal pinggang kerengga I (hikhikhikhik), muak I Smile.

Sekolah has started for about 2 weeks now and so far they haven’t had any complains yet and so far takde lagi komplen from the teachers about the girls, phew Winking smile.

(adalah yg nak kena sekeh dengan we all kalau dapat komplen from their teachers!).

I sekarang pagi2 dah jadi supir compared to last year. Miss 11 start 15 minit awal dari Miss 7. So, we all kena keluar rumah at 8 o’clock to be there by 8.15. Miss 11’s first class starts at 8.30 so dia kena ada kat sekolah by 8.15. Kalau dia lambat masuk kelas without a late note, they will get detention. Kalau diaorang terlambat until the first session’s finished without any note from parent/carer, they will be considered absent for the whole day. And kalau takde note from parent, the parents will be called to ask why the student is absent or late. Tak pasal2 I yang nanti kena marah, hahahahaha.

I guess with it being such a big school, truancy is quite common jugak lah kan.

And last month, they entered a Warner Bros competition online. The major prize is a trip for 4 to go to Harry Porter World in Orlando. The minor prizes were movie tickets, dvds, PC games. The second best prize was 2 Lego Harry Porter packs which cost $150, the quidditch match and the Hogwarts express sets.

And guess what? They won that prize!

The Little Misses were so ecstatic because they have been saving up for so long to buy the Harry Porter Lego sets. They’ve only got the castle set. So, memang gumbira hati lah sangat bila menang ni Smile.

And their prize arrived on Friday last week so, Sabtu tu, they spent the whole day main Lego, hehehe.


The castle, the train and the quidditch players.


Some close up. I tanya lah The Little Misses, “I’ve never read about a bride in any of the Harry Porter books, how come there’s someone uder the bride veil?

They answered, “Mum! That’s Harry under the invisibility cloak!

Lerr….. hehehehehe


The Little Misses so happy with their Lego toys Smile.

Miss 7 has lost another of her front tooth.


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