>Can’t think of one


Not feeling great. Slight sore throat and not feeling 100% so might go to sleep early malam ni Smile.

Layan gambar our dinners aje lah ye…

On Tuesday/semalam, I made slow-roasted chicken. I baked it for a loong time (about 3 hours kot) in the oven at 120°C aje. It made it so juicy and succulent but crispy skin.


It’s a huge chicken! I froze the leftovers so boleh guna for other meals like pizza, pasta bake, mee goreng, salad ke Smile.

That thing that looks like metal grid under the chicken is silicon ‘wire’ tray. You just put that tray on the oven rack, pastu letak the meat you want to roast on top of it. Make sure you put a tray underneath the oven rack to catch the dripping fat/liquid.

It makes apa yg kita roast tu crispy all around Smile.

The Other Half kata, next time masak lama2 macam ni sebab all the flavours meresap cantik aje.

I cuma rub the chicken inside out with a mixture of grated lemon rind, lemon juice, garlic, five spice powder, salt and pepper. Then I sprayed it with olive oil spray.


We all makan with lentil salad. First time we all makan lentil salad ni, it’s not bad at all actually, hehehe.

I have a small get together esok and I ingat nak bawak cake. So I made orange cake but I changed a few things in the ingredients.

It tasted really good but….


So ‘ringan’ and very orangey, tapi did not come out intact, pecah sana sini Sad smile. So, it ended up being eaten by us, hehehehe.

Terpaksalah I masak another cake tadi which so far looks ok, hehehe…..


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