>Sunday night


Our bathroom scale has finally given up the ghost!

(I dont know why the saying is ‘give up the ghost’ kalau your barang2 have broken down or not working anymore.)

Maybe sebab we all stepped on it hari hari(kadang2 4-5 kali in one day, hikhikhik) or maybe sebab it’s 4-5 years old kot. Benda2 digital ni kadang2 jangka hayat dia tak lama sebab many more things that can break down.

Nasib baik we have another one in the other bathroom which we can use. Kalau tak, susah lah The Other Half nak keep track of his weight loss kan and susahlah dia nak ‘brag’ and go ‘woohoo’ everytime he steps on the scale, hehehe…

Masa dah habis Summer sale, masa tu lah dia nak break down pulaknya.

Sekarang ni, since I’m just trying to tone up my muscles, I’ve been doing weights and upper body and core body exercises.

I buat the exercises with The Other Half at home aje, on Friday morning and the weekend mornings masa The Little Misses tak bangun lagi. We normally do 30-45 minutes of exercise/morning.

My betis dulu yang saiz macam anak balak dah jadi macam ala2 bunting padi sikit lah, heeeee. And I can finally see the muscle definitions there.

The Other Half kata my thighs pun dah mengecut. My biceps and triceps are definitely showing their heads Smile. My abs and my obliques pun are getting there. So seronok!

And now I’ve increased my daily calories allowance, lagi lah macam2 I boleh makan. My favourite treat at night time is the snack size Picnic bar! 100cals aje/bar Smile. Only 10 minutes on the elliptical to burn that calories, hehehe.

And I can increase the carbs in my dinners as well.

Our dinner tonite, prawn fettucine with garlic and chilli.


Kaler dia kuning sebab I mixed grated carrot in it.


Our favourite pasta dish.


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