>Laporan makcik kantin


Gambar di ambil oleh makcik kantin yang bertugas dari pukul 6.00-7.30 yang kemudiannya bertukar menjadi makcik supir pada pukul 8.00, hikhikhikhik.

Ini semua bekal Miss 7 to eat at recess and lunch for the past few days. Kadang2 she can finish all the food in there and kadang2 she will bring back a few things untouched.

Her recess is from 10.45-11.05 and lunch pulak from 12.15-1.00. Diaorang kena eat their food first baru lepas tu dibenarkan pergi main kat playground until the bell rings again.

Kalau Miss 7 teringin sangat2 nak main kat playground, dia akan makan her lunch cepat2 and then boleh main lama. But kadang2 dia tak larat nak main when the weather is too hot or too wet so dia akan makan sambil lepak2 and borak2 dengan kawan2 dia Smile.


1 corn chip for me, 1 corn chip for my friend, 1 dried apricot for me and 1 dried apricot for my friend (when I’m feeling generous) Smile.


She told me that her friend asked to taste her Just Juice and she said, “sorry, it’s for me.” Hehehehe. Takkan lah nak bagi that kawan drink from the same straw kan. I slalunya akan freeze the juice overnight so it is frozen when I put it in the lunch box. It will help keep the rest of their lunches cool. But by lunch time, it will be half frozen so just nice to drink. Kadang2 I letak frozen yoghurt.


Her snack changes all the time. Hari ni she wants to have roasted nori and dried apricots for snack.

I don’t think I will ever call The Little Misses lunch boxes bento. Sebab for me bento tu has to be so cute and well arranged and filled with cute veges and rice and meat cut or shaped into cute animals or stars or moons or flowers.

The Little Misses lunch boxes selalunya filled with whatever I can find in the pantry and takde kuasa I nak buat benda cute2 ni, hahahaha. A typical ‘aussie’ kid’s lunchbox Open-mouthed smile.


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