>The before and most of the way there update


Apasal sampai 2 entries in 1 day?

Sebab I tak sabar nak tunjuk kat satu donia gambar terbaru The Other Half.

Tapi, sebelum tu kena tunjuk before shot jugak kan masa dia tengah gum-gumuks tahun lepas.


I ambik gambar ni on Christmas Day which is 2 months ago lah kan. Memang masa ni he was at his heaviest which was really heavy lah. He was close to 100kgs masa ni!

And tonite, jeng….jeng…..jeng……

Lihatlah donia, betapa banyak nya lemak2 yang sudah hilang dari badan ku ini! Dalam masa 2 bulan, he’s lost about 15kg just by doing loads and loads of exercise every single day and controlling his calorie intake.


Sila berikan tepukan gemuruh ye Tuan2 dan Puan2 Open-mouthed smile Thumbs up Party smile

He was wearing a size S top in this photo which he has not been able to wear for a very looooooonnnnng time due to his expanding tummy.

Baru lah nampak macam Bruce Willis kan Lily and Kak Nor! Hahahahahaha…..

I am so so very proud of his achievement In loveRed heart.


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