>How he did it and is still doing it


The Other Half is so chuffed that so many people can see the difference in him after 2 months of hard labour, hehehe.

He said thank you so much for all the encouragements and the compliments especially the resemblance to a certain actor bit, muahahahaha.

(he knows it’s only the baldness that resembles Bruce Willis the most tapi sekali sekala perasan takpe lah kan Winking smile).

But I know memang ramai yang terperanjat sangat2 bila tengok the 2 photos and maybe ramai jugak yang tak percaya when we say that we only use the exercise and calorie-control method to lose the weight.

Sure ada a few yang ingat we all guna other things that we are not telling kan?

Percayalah, memang takde guna any other things apart from hard exercise and watching what we eat.

We whole heartedly believe in calories in=calories out. Kalau calories in berlebih, you akan gain weight. Kalau calories out yang lebih, you will lose weight. Senang aje equation kitaorang ni, hehehe (but this is only for normal people without any medical problems that can cause abnormal weight gain or weight loss ok).

I’ll table down his typical weekly exercise and food regime below.

Since joining MyFitnessPal, we have been watching our calorie intake.

Bila you join this program, you kena key in your details and your weight loss goal. Then the program will calculate your daily calorie allowance based on the info you give.

For The Other Half, for him to lose weight gradually and slowly, he needs to cut down his calorie intake to 1800cals/day sahaja.Tak boleh lebih, tapi boleh kurang. If he follows this, tanpa buat any exercise, he will lose about 400-500g/week which is real slow lah.

But biasalah kan people, semua nak cepat Smile. For him, that’s a bit too slow so he adds exercise to the regime to increase the calories he burns everyday so cepatlah dia lose all his weight.


-He rides to work at 6.30 in the morning which takes him 1 hour. He burns around 900cals riding in the morning. He normally only has coffee with milk which is around 90cals before the ride.

-He has breakfast at work. His daily breakfast is muesli with loads of oats in it with milk which is around 400cals. And he also has V8 juice for breakfast which is around 100cals.

-Then he has an apple for snack or other fruits. Fruits are not that high in calories anyway.

Then he has lunch which is usually leftover dinner. Depends on what it is, selalunya his lunch will be about 300+cals to less than 450cals.

-After work, he rides home again which takes him another hour and burns another 900cals.

-Then, we have a ‘big’ dinner which is our main meal at around 6-6.30 petang. Dinner yang I buat you all semua tahu lah kan since I tayang our dinners most night, hehehe.

I buat dinner seperti biasa cuma I grill or bake instead of goreng, I substitute all the high-fat stuff dengan low-fat stuff and I increase our vege and salad intake.

But we all still makan pasta, mee, roti, nasi and potato which are our main carbs.

For example, our dinner semalam.


We had chicken breast mince open faced burger and home-made wedges and salad. Wedges tu I buat guna olive oil spray aje so memang kurang lemak sgt2 lah.


The main difference this time is I will weigh/measure every single thing on our dinner plates. Kiranya weighing scale tu dah jadi kawan baik I lah hari2, hahaha.

I measure the home-made low-fat wedges at 150g, chicken breast burger tu I buat sendiri so I know what goes in it and how much it weighs and can calculate the calories, we all cuma guna sekeping roti aje. And plenty of salad on the plate to fill us up.

That burger+wedges meal is less than 370cals but sangat2 mengenyangkan!

-Then he has snack which is normally nuts and a piece of dark chocolate. All these are still within his daily calorie allowance ok.

Dulu2, we all bantai aje makan 2 senduk nasi, 4 keping roti, berlambak2 fries, berlonggok2 pasta. Tak kisah langsung pasal portion, we only wanted to satisfy our tastebuds!

The reason I measure sebab it makes it easier for us to calculate the calories we consume. Sebab we all kena log in every thing we eat on the MyFitnessPal calendar.

Kalau tak measure, macam mana nak tau kan berapa banyak calories yang kita makan.

This program makes us more accountable for our eating habits and also makes us better informed about our food choices.

No one forces us to eat until we gain weight so kalau nak kurus, kenalah become more accountable and take responsibility kan.


-He catches the bus to work since nak Solat Jumaat and also nak jumpa we all at the swimming centre after school.

-So, since dia tak boleh ride in the morning, he and I will do a 30-45 minute upper body/core body exercise with Wii My Fitness Coach (Maya) program pagi2 buta before the girls wake up. Selalunya it will burn around 260cals.

-And then in the afternoon, he does 30 minutes lap swimming which burns 450cals while Miss 7 is having a swimming lesson.

-Meals are the same like Mon-Thursday.


-We do 45 minutes of cardio/upper body/core with Wii Maya in the morning. Kalau cardio, it will burn quite a lot jugak lah.

-Then petang sikit, lepas lunch, he will go on the elliptical/cross trainer and burns another 800cals.


-This is his ‘rest’ day. He only does 45 minutes of cardio exercise with Wii Maya with me in the morning. Sebab he needs his energy for the bike ride the next day Smile.

So, if you tengok, you can see that he only consumes around 1500-1800cals/day while burning around 1800cals/day as well (when he rides to work).

He has a big calorie deficit which resulted in his reasonably fast weight loss.

There’s no magic formula or magic pill or magic juice or magic diet that made him lose that much weight in 2 months.

Kalau you all ikut cara dia, gerenti akan lose that much weight as well, hehehehehe.


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