>Gambar the 2 of us, finally


Today was our cheat day.

What’s a cheat day? I guess with us, it’s when we eat the whole day’s calorie allowance in 1 seating Smile.

Nasib baik pagi tadi buat 45 minutes of cardio exercise so banyak lah jugak calories that are in our bank for us to splurge on, hehehehe.

We went out for lunch today to Hillary’s Boat Harbour and we had fisherman’s basket for lunch, which is basically a basket filled with fried stuff! Every seafood in that basket was fried and the fries obviously were fried too. Luckily ada banyak salad in the plate so tak lah rasa macam nak termuntah makan benda fried tadi.

It is quite funny sebab we all dah lama tak makan benda deep fried so bila makan tadi, my tekak and perut rasa lain macam aje. My brains pun rasa macam ‘sakit’ aje tengok all the deep-fried stuff. Patutlah the trainers on the Biggest Loser when they were forced to eat fatty food for a week terus termuntah2 aje.

I know I should have opted for the grilled stuff instead tapi biasalah kan, kadang2 mata lagi besar dari perut and when it’s a treat to go out once in a while, terus splurge macam tu, hikhikhik…..

Luckily with our kind of ‘diet’, we don’t beat ourselves senseless for eating those types of food. Because, we know that once in a while, we will over eat. So, when that happens, we will just increase our exercise in the next few days and go back to our normal low cal diets straight away. Easy solution kan!

And since dah keluar outing tadi, apa lagi, I pun suruhlah Miss 11 ambik gambar we all berdua tadi since we haven’t had any photos taken of both of us together bila dah selim melim ni kan Open-mouthed smile.




I know, takdelah nampak selim mana kan.

Kalau nak tengok how selim we are, kenalah I pakai Cat Woman’s suit and The Other Half pakai Superman costume to really show off our slim bodies, which we will never do fortunately!



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