>I don’t know what else to say


This is my BMI now=20.22. And from that, you can see that it is still within normal range. I know what is normal and what is abnormal and I am NOT trying to go into the underweight BMI range.

If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I only want to reach a certain weight and I have already reached that weight and I do NOT want to go any lower. I am happy to stay at this weight for a very long time or maybe gain a kilo from muscle mass.

(If you haven’t, please read first before giving your opinion.)

I am not trying to tell people to lose weight or judge people if they are overweight or underweight. I am only concern about our bodies and I am only writing our journey to lose weight and how we do it. If you happened to feel motivated by the way we lose weight and want to emulate, I feel very honoured.

But if you feel threatened by our weight loss, there’s nothing I can do about it. You just have to deal with that feeling yourself. I do not preach for you to lose weight, it’s your choice whatever you want to do.

But, please do NOT presume to tell me that you know what is best for me. We are losing weight the right way, by eating right and by exercising. We are not starving ourselves, we still eat good food at every meal and at snack time and we are feeling fitter from the exercise.

What is wrong in that?

If I happen to look much older after the weight loss, so be it. I know I am old, there’s nothing I can do about it. I am not trying to stop the clock either. But I’m not trying to look like a skeleton either.

We are really happy with the way we are now. We feel lighter, fitter, healthier and happier.

It’s much better to be looking older but happier with our weights than looking young but unhappy with the body weight every single day. Being unhappy not only drags you down, but will drag other people around you down as well.

It’s not fun to be unhappy all the time Smile.

And to show you guys that we do eat, I’ll tayang our dinner tonite.

I made thai green chicken curry (the low fat version) with stir fry veges, rice and keropok microwave Smile.

I sejak dari baru kahwin dulu memang masak poppadom in the microwave but everytime I masak keropok ikan in the microwave, tekak I tak boleh nak telan sebab memang tak sedap langsung.

But since dah malas nak menggoreng2 sekarang ni, terpaksalah masak the keropok in the microwave again. But this time, I just spray it very lightly with olive oil spray and masak in microwave. Baru lah rasa dia a bit better (but still tak sesedap yang di goreng lah).



Siapa kata kalau makan nasi tak boleh lose weight, hehehe……


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