>Microwaved poppadoms and keropok ikan


I nak tunjuk macam mana I masak keropok ikan and poppadom in the microwave.

Masa we all baru2 kahwin dulu, we went to a friend’s house and we got served microwaved poppadom. Terkejut jugaklah masa tu because we didn’t know that you could cook poppadom any other way except with loads and loads of oil, hehehe.

And surprising enough, the poppadom tasted really good (untuk anak tekak we all lah). Still crispy and crunchy without the added fat. For me, it’s thinner than the fried ones and kembang lagi besar kot, maybe sebab tak serap any oil kan. But kalau kedai mamak jual microwaved poppadom ni, mau kot kena boikot dengan loyal customers, hehehehe.

And since then, we all tak pernah goreng poppadoms dah.

And since dari dulu jugak, I banyak kali jugak lah try masak keropok ikan and udang dlm microwave but sentiasa tak berkenan kat anak tekak. Yang goreng punya jugak lagi sedap giler2 Smile. Selalu I buang aje masuk Cik Tong.

Until a few days ago, I teringin sangat2 nak makan keropok ikan with nasi. I thought nak goreng aje but makan sekeping lah but apa kes makan sekeping aje kan, buat lekat celah gigi pun tak cukup Smile.

So, I pun sprayed it a little bit with olive oil and voila, it was acceptable to my anak tekak. So happy sekarang ni sebab dah dapat makan keropok again, hehehe.

And this is how I do it.


This is the olive oil spray I use to cook a lot of things. Any brand will do, I just buy whatever’s on sale at that time. Kalau you all nak jadi orang minyak, instead of sembur perfume, boleh sembur olive oil spray ni kat badan, kahkahkahkah….


This is my microwave. I selalu masuk kan 4 keropok sekali gus. I letak paper towel on the microwave plate then letak keropok on it.


Then I just give a squirt each of olive oil on the keropok. Jangan lah sembur sampai basah kuyup keropok tu, baik goreng aje terus kalau macam tu kan, heeeee.

Then I set the time to 3 minutes on max power and press start.

(Warning: It doesn’t take 3 minutes to cook the keropok so don’t leave your microwave when you are cooking them).


At 10 seconds, dah kembang sikit.


At 20 seconds, dah nak masak.


At 30 seconds, dah masak semuanya. So, you press the Stop button bila you nampak dah masak tu.

The reason I put it at 3 minutes sebab kalau you letak 30 seconds, takut tak sempat masak habis, the microwave dah stop. Tu yang I just letak 3 minutes and tunggu lah kat depan microwave tu sampai dia masak.

Bila dah masak, put in the next batch and do the same again. Smile.

And ini pulak cara I masak poppadom.

With poppadom, I tak spray any oil sebab my tekak dah boleh terima tanpa minyak ni.



At 7 seconds, dah puffed up.


At 20 seconds, dah masak but I selalunya add another 5 seconds utk dia perang sikit.


Dah siap, tinggal ngap aje.

But I’m not sure whether you boleh simpan dalam balang or not microwaved keropok and poppadoms ni. Selalunya we all masak sikit aje untuk sekali makan because bukannya lama pun nak masak them kan.


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