>The shrinking waist


One of the things you have to do on the journey to lose weight is to take the measurements of certain parts of your body. You can choose which parts you want to keep track off.

For example, you boleh keep track of the size of your waist, your neck, your thighs, your arms, your butt. Like me, I should have kept track of the size of my thighs and calves lah kan to see whether betul ke tak they’ve shrunk, hehehe.

For The Other Half, he keeps track of the measurement of his waist and arms. But nowadays I think only his waist aje. In a way, it’s beneficial for me jugak lah sebab bila I’m at the shops, I can just call him up and ask, “Hi Love. I’m at the shop trying to buy a new pair of pants for you. What’s your latest waist measurement?” And sekarang ni dengan vangganya dia akan tell me his latest waist size Smile. And you could here the excitement in his voice, hehehe.

(Susah weh kena beli new pants every week ni. Dia ingat I ni clothes buyer agaknya, beli pants every week, hehehe.)

Kalau dulu bila I nak beli pants for him, he just said, “I don’t know. Definitely bigger than L.” Without much enthusiasm in his voice.

And another thing, sekarang ni kalau I suruh dia bergaya dengan baju baru and pants baru, cepat aje dia buat sebab he knows he can easily fit into the smaller-sized clothes (vain jugak ye laki I ni, hikhikhik).

And tadi bila I said to him yang I nak ambik gambar dia in his old jeans, cepat aje dia sarung his old pants to show off how his waist has definitely shrunk! Open-mouthed smile.



Dolu2 (well, 3 months ago aje pun), he was wearing size 102cm waist pants/jeans. La ni, his latest measurement is….

88cm sahaja!!!!!!

Mana lah tak vangga pakcik tu kan, hahahahahahaha….

I pulak yang bercinta sebab boleh katakan hari2 or selang sehari kena pergi kedai carikan clothes for him. Pants lah, shirts lah, bike shorts lah, bike tshirts lah, new shorts lah, new shrousers lah, new belt lah. Mengalahkan personal shopper to the PM aje kan, hahahaha.

And tadi I dah donate all his size 102 pants and his L and XL shirts and tshirts and jumpers to Good Sammy. May they find good homes with people who will love them pulak, hehehehe….

And this was our dinner tonite. Crispy oven baked chicken wings with low fat coleslaw and oven roast sweet potato Smile.



The chicken wings are so crispy macam di goreng padahal cuma di bakar dalam oven aje. I guna recipe form here but I just guna rempah ratus yang I have in stock aje.


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