>What you can do with a tripod :-)


We’ve been quite busy shopping the whole morning. I tak busy, I cuma tukang kata,

Yes Dear, you look really good in them” and

Erk, not really….” and

We are not buying that!” and

Fine, you can buy that for her even though her birthday is still 7 weeks away!” and

Let’s get that big pecan tart, it looks so nice. I will precut it into tiny slices and keep them in the freezer so we won’t be tempted to finish all of them in 1 go….


I would love a skinny flat white with no sugar, thanks Smile.”

Judging by this conversation, do you think I talk too much? hahahahaha…….

And in tha afternoon pulak, The Other Half busied himself with mowing the lawn.

Which gave me a brilliant idea lepas tengok the lawn so nicely mown.

I kerah everyone to wear black tshirt and blue jeans. Obviously, everyone knew what blue means except The Other Half (hehehehe). Poor him, he only has 1 pair of blue jeans that he can fit into nicely and he left them at work. Yang lain semua bagak2 Smile.

This was what we did Smile.




Ada persamaan tak? Macam Mum and daughter or macam maid and anak tuan? Muahahahaha…

(I know, she’s as tall as me now Smile).

Ada one Mum at school tanya I when she saw Miss 11 near me, “Is this your daughter? She’s so tall.” I masa tu punyalah nak tergelak giler2 but I control senyum and said to her, “She’s not tall. It’s me who’s short, heeee…


Merpati dua sejoli, muahahahaha.

(Lily! Dia dah belajar senyum for the photos Smile).

And Miss 11 whispered this into her Dad’s ear when I tengah sibuk suruh semua orang posing, “Ha..Ha… I can move out in a few years. You are stuck with her for life Open-mouthed smile.”

Cisssss……. Smile with tongue out.

And this was our dinner (minus the tripod though Winking smile).


Corned silverside toasted sandwich with salad and coleslaw.


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