>Seafood Sunday


The Other Half has printed off some of the family photos that I took semalam to frame and hang them. I think the family photos yang we all had around the house semua was about 4 years old kot. Kiranya Miss 11 was around Miss 7’s age at that time. From the time we were so kurus 4 years ago to us being kurus again, hehehe. Our weight has gone up and up (especially The Other Half’s) within the years and luckily now has gone back down again, hehehe.

Actually we all tak pernah pun buat family photo shoot yang pakai sedondon macam tu. Baju raya pun tak pernah sedondon, lagilah baju untuk photo shoot kan, hahaha. But then bila jalan2 blog orang, nampak lawa pulak bila everyone pakai baju sedondon at photo shoots. Terserlah keayuan terus, hikhikhik.

The easiest colour to match was obviously black lah sebab everyone ada black tshirt. Let’s just say, dalam drawer baju The Other Half, the tshirts are either black, gray or white! Kalau I beli tshirt kaler lain, lambat sikit lah dia nak pakai. Kena tunggu all the black, grey and white tshirts are in the wash or I tak lipat lagi, baru dia pakai baju kaler lain tu, hehehe. Next time nak cuba white pulak kan or what do you think of pink? muahahaha Winking smile.

Tonite for dinner, we had crumbed grilled seafood marinara with oven-baked chips and sweet potato and green salad.


Hajat hati nak makan oven baked fish but when I unwrapped the ling fish fillet yang we bought semalam, bau dia lain macam sungguh. Takde bau fresh fish, bau yucky fish yang dah lama sangat2 tu! Even The Other Half yang tak tau bau fish macam mana pun kata bau dia lain. The whole kitchen stank of it.

So, tak nak kena sakit perut, terus lah buang that fish masuk Cik Tong Sad smile. What a waste of money. Patutnya I pulangkan balik aje ke Coles to get my money back. But esok PH pulak kat sini so tak kuasa I nak gi on Tuesday semata2 nak pulangkan ikan, hehehe.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some I guess….

Nasib baik ada stock frozen marinara in the freezer.


Dapatlah jugak we all makan fish tonite Smile.

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