>The willy wagtail story


Willy wagtails are famous in OZ ni. Most people love them because of their cute wagging tails when they are on the ground. Kalau cute animals and babies wag their tails or bottoms, memang cute sangat2 kan. Cuba kita yang wag our bottoms, mau lah pitam orang dibuatnya, hahahaha.

Tapi you can only find them in the wild as in not in the pet stores Smile. Rasanya takde orang bela Willy Wagtails ni sebab they are not domesticated birds. But you can easily find them in your backyard or frontyard looking for flying insects. We have 1 in our back garden who comes by every single day.

This morning, when I went out nak sidai kain, our resident Willy Wagtail datang dekat sangat2 ke I and sikit pun tak takut when I ‘borak2’ dengan dia. Bila I hulur tangan (sebagai salam perkenalan), he came and pecked it Smile.

I pun kelam kabut lah panggil the girls to come and see the really friendly Willy Wagtail.

Here are the amazing (as in memang tak percaya betul dapat get so close to the bird) photos.


This is the Willy Wagtail.


Everyone was trying to make him fly onto their fingers.



Miss 11 managed to get the bird on her hand and her leg.


Eating a big fat juicy caterpillar on Miss 7’s hand.


Nasib baik the bird is quite bright, dapat bezakan yang mana worm/caterpillars and yang mana rambut Miss 7, hahaha.

Jenuh I and The Other Half pergi kat vege patch we all and cari terung yang dah kena tebuk just to find some juicy caterpillars for the Willy Wagtail. Miss 7 and Miss 11 letak the caterpillars on the palm of their hands and the bird came and eat it off their hands.

Agaknya Willy Wagtail tu datang dekat ke I sebab nak ucap terima kasih sebab tanam pokok2 terung yang sekarang sedang tenat di landa caterpillars tu. So, more food for him to feast on, hehehehe.

And ini pulak our dinner tonite.

Nasi carrot with beef sate goreng and kangkung belacan.


My plate ni cuma around 300cals aje walaupun ada nasi Smile. Sebab I tak guna minyak untuk goreng kangkung belacan tu. I cuma bakar the belacan, pastu cili paste tu I masak in the kuali guna air aje sampai dia masak. And beef sate tu masa I marinade, I guna minyak cuma 2 teaspoon aje and then I grill dengan sembur olive oil.

Nasi tu pulak I masak guna olive oil spread yg tak high in calories kalau banding dengan butter or ghee. And I cuma makan setengah cawan aje.

Tu yg kangkung and sate I nampak malap aje sebab tak cukup minyak, hehehehe.

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