>Venus, Uranus and chicken lasagna


The Other Half and I were outside lepas maghrib tadi sebab nak pasang trellis at the vege patch for the tomato and the cucumber plants to climb on.

Terbongkok2lah The Other Half on the ground trying to drill the screws into the planks. Miss 7 yang minah sibuk itu sentiasa lah nak join sama apa yang we all buat so we gave her the job of holding the torch light.

But biasalah lah, she pointed the torchlight at everywhere else but at the right place, hehehe. She pointed it at the sky, the roof, the neighbour’s roof, searching for crickets and at the dad’s backside Smile.

Pastu, tiba2 dia tanya her Dad…

Miss 7:What’s the closest planet to Earth?

Dad: (while still tertonggeng2 drilling the screw) Venus is the closest.

Miss 7: Venus eh….

Miss 7: Dad…Dad, I can see Uranus from here (while pointing the torch to her Dad’s backside and bercakap dengan muka selamba!)

Terus lah I and The Other Half and Miss 7 gelak bagai nak rak with her joke tu, hikhikhikhikhik……

The Other Half said to me, “I only want her to hold the torch and not make fun of my backside!” Muahahahahaha…….

There are so many jokers in this family, woohoo….. Smile with tongue out

This was our dinner tadi, chicken and vegetable lasagna with greens.



My plate ni has only 330cals aje.

Someone asked me how I measure the calories in homecooked meals. Actually tak susah nak measure cuma sangat2 leceh if we make it from scratch.

In the MyFitnessPal program I joined tu, ada one are called recipes where I can add in all the ingredients in the food I’m cooking. And then based on the data we keyed in, they can calculate how many calories/serve of the homecooked food.

Like tonite for example, I used:

500g lean chicken breast mince=550cals

1 spray of extra light olive oil=12 cals

100g sweet potato=106cals

150g frozen spinach=30cals

1 jar Bertolli pasta sauce (500g)=256cals

35g of tomato paste=27cals

1 tsp vegeta chicken stock=6cals

200g low fat cottage cheese=170cals

10g Millel pamesan=46cals

60g cheddar cheese=242cals

270g cooked San Remo wholemeal lasagna sheets=487cals

So, that’s all the ingredients I used to make up the chicken lasagna.

And I made the lasagna to serve 6 so I just add up all the cals and divide the total by 6 and dapatlah 323cals/serve. So, tadi I cut the lasagna into 6 equal-ish portions.

See, tak susah, tapi leceh giler because you have to read all the labels of all the food/produce you buy so you can key in the calories when you cook it.

Selalunya I’ll just write down all the food stuff I used during cooking time on a pad and then bila tengah relax sikit while the food is cooking or after dinner, baru I key in all the ingredients.

But this is all just a rought estimate anyway because you can’t really count your calories to the precise cal unless you are in a controlled lab experiment I guess.

But every bit helps with our weight loss journey Smile.


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