>Oil ain’t oil


Hari ini beratur panjang orang isi minyak. It took me a while to reach my turn to fill up lepas sekolah tadi. Kat Perth biasalah, hari Rabu memang selalunya cheap day to fill up on petrol. Hari Khamis selalunya is the most expensive in the week.

But sejak unrest kat Middle East and negara2 Arab tu, makin naik harga petrol kat Perth ni. Last week on Wednesday, I got my petrol at $1.25/l (with the voucher) but tadi it was at $1.31/l (with the voucher). And esok pulak, it’ll get to $1.50/l. Punyalah banyak bezanya kan!

So, I selalunya akan fill up the car on a Wednesday, tak kira lah whether the tank dah tinggal suku or masih separuh lagi. I would rather fill up masa tengah murah. Dah nama pun cheapskate kan, hehehehe…. My car is not a petrol guzzler macam 4WD tu tapi bila hari2 guna aircond masa Summer ni and then weekend selalu jalan2 jauh sikit, probably 1 tank tu can last up to 2 weeks max. Itu pun dah blinking red signal lah agaknya, hehehe.

We all guna kereta pergi balik from school pagi and petang each day cuma 30kms/day aje. Pastu depends on mana I pergi lepas jadi supir tu. So, I guess dalam seminggu (incuding weekend) we all cuma drive about 250-300kms/week. Tak lah jauh mana kan Smile.

Masa cuti sekolah Dec-Jan hari tu, I tak isi minyak for 1 whole month sebab tak kena hantar budak2 to school, asik memerap kat rumah aje most days so save giler lah on petrol kan, hahaha.

Every Wednesday sekarang ni, we all kena leave home a bit earlier in the morning sebab Miss 7 ada choir practice at school. We have to be at school by 7.40am. Beria2 dia nak join the school choir ni, siap tanya the music teacher how and when to join. She’s finally found something that she’s very keen on Smile. So, hari2 lah dia practice menyanyi at home, hikhikhik…..

And this was Miss 7’s lunch box today. She asked for 2 party pies (which is a mini size meat pie) and some silverside for lunch. Yang lain tu I yang sumbatkan for her recess, rockmelon, cashew nuts and tiny teddy biscuits.


And this was our dinner pulak, mee goreng tanpa minyak and oven baked fish with veges.



Sebabkan tak guna minyak for the mee or the ikan, terus dapat kurangkan the calories of our dinner tonite to 320cals aje.

(kalaulah boleh guna minyak canola yang we all saved from not frying our food into the car, kan ke bagus! Lagi lah jimat sangat2 Winking smile . Hahahahaha).


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