>Another garden update


Tadi we went for a picnic dinner at Miss 11’s school for all the new parents to mingle around and get to know each other.

But we all ni kan pemalu and definitely not social creatures so we ended up just enjoying each other’s company and talking with each other aje at the picnic tadi. Sikit pun tak cakap dengan orang lain, hahahaha  Open-mouthed smile.

Zaman dolu2, kalau berpicnic, I would have made a big spread with entree which is normally chips and crackers and dip, mains  like sausage rolls or meat pies and dessert yang manis2. Memang mulut tak berhenti mengunyah lah kalau berpicnic tu Smile.

But tadi, I didn’t pack any entree and made a main meal that’s just enough for us and only fresh fruit for dessert! Sangatlah healthy and boring nya kan, hahahaha.

I made chargrilled vegetables and couscous salad makan dengan grilled chicken fillet. Untuk The Little Misses pulak, I buatkan chicken salad wrap. Pastu pack memang ngam2 untuk makan terus habis aje so we don’t overeat, hikhikhik.

(sure lepas ni kan, takde sape nak ajak we all berpicnic sama kan sebab tak larat makan our healthy food!).

But since tak ambik gambar of the picnic, layan aje lah gambar kebun we all ye.


This is our no-dig vege patch yang I dah tanam cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflowers and cabbages.

I tanam cucumber that’s a ‘bush’ variety so I ingatkan dia akan cantik molek tak menjalar, but bentuk bush cantik aje lah kan. Hampeh betul, memang silap info lah I, menjalar jugak dia, hikhikhikhik……

So, kenalah pasang trellis there so the tomatoes and the cucumber plants can climb up it.


Pokok anggur yang we all tanam in November dah makin besar and makin menjalar naik ke atas pergola. Kena tunggu bertahun2 baru the vines will cover the pergola nicely rasanya.


Our vege patch. The whole pokok terung dah kena serang caterpillars. Some terung masih boleh makan lagi, some terung dah teruk berlubang. Nak sembur organic pesticide, tukang sembur asik busy manjang! hehehe.


This are our broccolini plants but rupanya tak sama dengan the broccolinis you can find at the shops. Cuma keluar daun aje, without the ‘flowering heads’.


Another row of tomatoes. Kalau semua berbuah nanti, mau lah pagi petang siang malam we all makan tomatoes aje, muahahahaha.


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