>Weekend story


Pagi tadi, lepas hantar The Little Misses to Sunday school, The Other Half and I pergi dating berdua2an at the city!

Anak mengaji baik2, Mak Pak bershopping sakan, hehehehe.

We all pergi Harbour Town semata2 nak bershopping shirts and pants for The Other Half. Ye lah kan, orang dah kurus so kenalah beli baju baru. I dah tak larat nak belikan baju and seluar dia aje so tu yang I ajak dia shopping tadi so he can do it himself.

(Mentang2lah he knows he now looks good in clothes without the gelebeh2 fat around him, senyum aje dia tadi bila menerai baju n pants. Siap suruh I ambikkan smaller size lagi tu! Hikhikhikhik.)

And percayalah cakap I when I said, I didn’t even try on any clothes for me tadi. I only bought 2 plain tshirts that I just grabbed off the rack because they were so cheap. Sungguh tak percaya mendengarnya kan! Hahahaha.

He ended up buying 4 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. When I asked him what colour are the shirts. He sheepishly said, “Ummmm… 3 whites and 1 blue….” Bila I rolled my eyes, he said, “But I like white shirts….”.

Macam mana lah I nak buat our next photo shoot in pink and black kan when he won’t even touch other colour apart from white, hehehe.

Semalam we went to a birthday party at one of the Sunday school family’s house. And I told The Other Half of a good gossip yang membuatkan dia lagi kembang semangkuk.

A few of our friends at the party, last saw The Other Half last year masa dia tengah chubby ya amat tu. Pastu, bila he walked into the room, memang terkejut sangat2 lah mereka to see him looking so different and so good in his new svelt body, hikhikhik.

(The Other Half pulak was wearing a tight fitting top with khaki pants. Suka bebeno dia pakai tight fitting tops nowadays sejak his fat cells around his abdomen have shrunk ni Open-mouthed smile).

So, I pun bergossiped lah with the ladies about my hubby’s new body, hahaha. Jadi bahan gossip dia sekarang ni, muahahaha.

(Ye lah kan, kalau bukan wife dia yang nak puji melambung2 and cerita pasal dia, sape lagi kan Winking smile).

Now ni he has lost about 17kg and very close to his target weight. He said he’s definitely going to ask me to take a photo of him once he’s reached below 80kg (which hopefully will be sometimes next week or this weekend Smile). His current weight is 81kg+ still. Excited sangat2 hubby I tu sebab he hasn’t been this kurus for soooooooo long, hehehe.

And seperti biasa, bila pergi jemputan makan2, surenya balik mesti bertapau kan. I bawak balik roti jala and kari ayam. And we had them for dinner tonite.

But I masak oven baked ikan barramundi letak sambal as well sebab I nak something really hot for dinner.


My plate without the ikan yet. The Little Misses makan the roti jala, I makan carrot rice from the other day.


My plate with the ikan. Memang sedap makan ikan bakar dengan sambal ni kan. I guna sambal nasi ayam penyet yang I had frozen in packs. So, bila nak makan, tinggal thaw out a small portion aje.

And ini pulak the cupcakes I made for Sunday school. Sekarang ni, hari baking I cuma hari Ahad pagi aje untuk sedekah kat the Sunday school kids. Dapatlah jugak hilang rindu untuk membaking tanpa kena makan the baked goods, hehehe.



I made orange and choc chip cupcakes. I guna recipe ini but I kurangkan the sugar and added grated orange zest and some choc chips to it.


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