>Nearly there


The Other Half likes to ‘cheat’ on the scale.

He will weigh himself right after he comes home from work after riding for an hour and half dehydrated from the sweat loss. Obviously lah, the scale will show him really good numbers kan, hehehe.

His excuse, “it makes me happy to see the smaller numbers. I know it’s not the right weight but it motivates me to keep on doing it.”

I guess that’s a good enough reason Open-mouthed smile.

Like today, he came home from work and straight away weighed himself and got 80.1kg on the scale. Terkejut jugak I with that big drop until he said to me, “I forgot to take the water bottle along so I’m so dehydrated now, hehehe.”

Lepas dia minum 1 jug air, naik balik his weight, hahahaha…..

And after tonite’s dinner, berat we all sama2 naik because it’s a high calorie dinner. But it was still within our calorie allowance so takpe lagi Smile.

I made potato with goat cheese and sundried tomato damper guna recipe ini. Tapi I don’t like olives so I ganti dengan sundried tomato. And we had it with chicken rissoles and sausage and green salad.

Our dinner is normally around 400cals or less but tonite’s dinner was around 600 cals which come mostly from the cheesy potato bread. We probably over estimate the cals for the bread but I would rather over estimate than under estimate.



But it tasted really sedap so it was worth the calories, hehehe.


Namapk aje macam burnt rissoles tu but tak sebenarnya Smile.

And selalunya I tayang The Little Misses’ lunch box. Malam ni I tayang The Other Half’s lunch box pulak.


Like I selalu bagitau, he normally has leftovers for lunch or sandwiches. Esok for lunch, he’ll be having rissole, the damper, green salad and corn. Sungguh comel his lunch bila letak dalam this container, heeeee…….

And then, he’ll have another container filled with fruits and a smaller container of his muesli for breakfast. Macam nak pergi berkelah aje, hahaha….


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