>It is ok to eat!


Hari ni I rasa nak makan aje so I had cereal for breakfast, ‘light’ snack of 2 raisin toasts wirh peanut butter and mashed banana (banana sekarang tengah mahal gilers so banana yg dah sangat2 brown pun sayang nak buang so memang I makan, hahaha). Pastu some more snacks of plum and a mini Picnic choc bar Smile. Ini belum tengah hari lagi, hahahaha.

Then lunch makan sushi and leftover stir fry sayur and baked chicken wings. Pastu rasa insaf sekejap, terus berenti makan and minum air aje Winking smile.

And then dinner I makan leftover carrot rice hari tu with sambal bilis and terung ‘goreng’ with egg.


Sambal bilis terung ni tak lah tinggi calorie mana sebab I cuma guna 1 squirt of olive oil spray to ‘fry’ about 50g of ikan bilis. Bila bilis tu dah masak, I letak sliced onion, then tunggu dia masak and then I letak 1 teaspoon of ‘sambal nasi lemak’ yang I beli dalam botol. 1 tsp sambal ni cuma 23 cals aje. Pastu I letak terung and tomato and bila dah masak, I letak less than 1 tsp of kicap manis (which is around 21 cals).


Kalau tengok gambar, tak sangka rendah calories kan! And ini boleh 2 kali makan so tu yang tak tinggi calories dia.

Now my tummy is satisfied, hikhikhik…..

Everyday, I akan makan more than 1200 cals/day sebab it is not good to eat below the recomended daily calories. Our bodies will expend energy even when resting (it’s basically all the energy that all the organs, muscles and everything in the body use daily) and this is called our resting metabolic rate.

But I don’t eat ‘junk’ to fill up the calories. I eat healthy nuts and loads of fruit to fill up the calories. But occasionally I still makan chocs and chips and cakes Smile.

My resting metabolic rate is around 1200cals so basically I need to eat at least 1200 cals a day just to keep my body running with maximum energy. Kalau hari2 kita makan very low calories, your body just cannot function normally. So many research has been done that shows that your bodily function will slow down if you have too little calories every day. This includes your brain functions, your energy levels and even your metabolic rate will eventually go down which is not good.

Memang lah you akan lose weight kalau exist on very low calories every day but in the long run, your body will suffer, mentally and physically. Sebab, how are you going to maintain the very low calorie lifestyle throughout your life kan. It is definitely not sustainable!

What are you going to do once you’ve reached your target weight? Makan balik macam biasa?

You will become obsessed with food sebab you will think of food as the enemy. Ye lah, bila you termakan 1000-1200 cals/day (which is normal), you will become so depressed and rasa terus nak puasa the next few days untuk kurangkan balik the calories. Lain pulak jadi nya nanti kan.

And ada a few reaserch lagi yang kata kalau you’ve existed on very low calories for a long time, once you start eating normally again, your body will gain the weight back  quickly and then some. Because your body is not used to the extra calories so it will store it as fat. Undereating will generally lead overeating.

It is much better to eat the recommended daily calorie allowance and then top it up with exercise. This way, it is much healthier in so many levels. Your heart will love you for it, your body will love you for it, your fat will melt away as well.


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