>Look at the sweet numbers :-)


Masa I tengah sibuk2 masak petang tadi, The Other Half just got home from a run and he was in the bathroom when he excitedly called me, “Dear! You have to come here quick. I want you to see this.”



(He cheated this time sebab baru balik from an 8km run, terus timbang. Mana aci kan Winking smile).

But, he’s so ecstatic sebab he hasn’t seen those numbers for soooo many years! He is definitely heading the right way weight-wise with the exercises and daily calorie counting.

We are so very proud of you Love Smile.

And because of that, I made his favourite thai green chicken curry. Sekarang ni, green chicken curry is his new favourite curry. Dia dah tak main lah jadi mamak celup ni, sekarang asik2 sawadikap aje! Hahahahaha…….

Tapi sebab it is not the chef’s favourite curry, I pun masak lah udang 5 spice Che’iza. Recipe I ambik kat sini. Selongkar freezer tadi, terjumpa this large raw prawns. Memang sedap betul makan sebab dah lama tak masak udang style Asian ni.

But I tak guna banyak sangat minyak, less than 2 teaspoons, enough to cantikkan the sambal, hehehe.


Nasi putih, green chicken curry and udang 5 spice.


the succulent udang Smile.


the lower fat thai green chicken curry Smile. I used lite coconut milk and skinless drumsticks.


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