>Tak Larat Thursday


Hari ni Miss 7 stayed home sebab she had been coughing quite badly so didn’t sleep well last night. I said to her yang baik cuti hari ni and get some rest and then pergi sekolah esok for the Harmony Day celebration.

Dia pun setuju aje lah, hehehe.

And The Other Half pun worked from home today.

But my day was busy jugak lah sebab I ter rajin buat karipap untuk bawak picnic esok and then buat some cupcakes as well for the karaoke session, hehehe.

(esok pagi2 lepas berexercise baru nak goreng the karipap. Sure macam lipas kudung lah esok pagi, heeee..)

Pastu, had to rush after school for a doctor’s appointment and the doctor was way behind time so by the time we keluar, terpaksa menempuh the after work jam. Terpaksa cari jalan lain to avoid the jam. The Other Half tak ikut so I lah yang tadi gerammmmm aje rasa hati masa tengah drive bila jumpa stupid drivers on the road.

(Sape kata takde traffic jam kat Perth ni but tak lah seteruk kat KL tu, hehehe. Still boleh sampai rumah, cuma delay around 10 minutes lah Smile).

And by the time I sampai rumah, dah malas nak masak dinner so I made toasted cheese sandwich with salad and chicken burger. Tapi I punya I buat lain sikit, I had ‘fried’ eggs on the sandwich. I just felt like runny egg on toast aje tadi Smile.



Runny egg on toasted cheese sandwich.

Sekarang ni we all dah jarang makan bread except the pizza base and the occasional sandwich. Sebab bila tengok the calories in bread that are quite high, rasa macam lagi best makan nasi aje, hehehehe.

Multigrain bread has higher calories but they are wayyyyy better for you than white bread.

Tu yang our dinner last night was nasi again. I made beef stir-fry makan with japanese rice and then tabur nori on top.



Masa tengah ber’diet’ ni selalu pulak we all makan nasi, hahahaha.


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