>Tuckshop lady aka Makcik kantin update


How was your weekend?

Ours was quiet as usual. Stayed at home the whole day semalam (didn’t drive anywhere Smile) but drove The Little Misses to Sunday School and back hari ni. The Other Half lagilah malas nak drive so I lah yang kena hantar them today. Takpe, dapat pahala kan hantar anak2 pergi mengaji ni, hehehe.

Pergi pukul 9.30, balik sampai rumah tadi dah pukul 2.15 so memang terus lepak lah saje2 hari ni Smile. Tu yg dinner pun lepak aje I masak tadi.


We had crumbed chicken breast strips (beli kat kedai), yiros bread (pun beli kat kedai) and mixed salad (carrot aje beli kat kedai. The capsicum, cucumber and lettuce kebun mari Smile).

Memang sempoi giler kan our dinner, hikhikhik….

Tu yang sempat put on my makcik kantin hat at the same time.


The Other Half’s sandwich sebelum di wrapped. He wanted vegetarian cheese sandwich so I made sandwich with mashed avocado, chargrilled capsicum, marinated artichoke, gherkin slices and grated parmesan.


This is his lunch for tomorrow. Vegetarian sandwich with chicken breast strips and fruits.


And ini pulak lunchbox Miss 11. She has an after school Gavel Club esok, tu yang bawak extra food for afternoon tea sekali. 


And ini lunch box Miss 7. She wants dates and rockmelon for fruit/recess time and custard profiteroles for ‘dessert’ after her sandwich, hikhikhik. I made silverside sandwiches for both of them.


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