>My weird and pathetic collection :-)


I nak tayang our lunchbox collection. Orang lain tayang their handbag collection, shoe collection, perfume collection, fridge magnet collection etc… I tayang lunchbox collection.

I know it’s pathetic but I love looking at the lunchboxes at the shops and when they are cheap, rasa macam nak borong aje semua, hahahaha.

Macam lebih kurang cerita Dr Seuss lah, I can use them on a boat, I can use them on a train, I can use them on a house, I can use them here or there, I can use them anywhere Open-mouthed smile.

But I dont like to collect the hard lunch boxes yang macam kat M’sia tu. I like to collect the padded lunchboxes/lunchbags. Senang nak keep cold things cool and hot things hot in there and so convenient for people yang suka pergi picnic like us ni.


Ini cuma some aje, ada lagi actually but I think they are in the shed in a box and some in a drawer out there, hehehehe…..

Syyyy…..The Other Half tak tau about my hobby ni, muahahahaha…..



Ini lah Miss 7’s purple lunch box. We bought it as a set. Ada water bottle and 2 clip-on plastic containers in it and a freezer pack. The water bottle was hopeless, leaking aje tak tentu pasal so we threw it out.

Every year at the start of the school year, The Little Misses mesti nak beli new lunch boxes for school. Normally dah kotor pun their old lunchboxes tu so memang kena beli new ones lah each year.

Kalau I balik M’sia, I love bagi hadiah lunch boxes for my nieces but they didn’t use it untuk bawak gi sekolah, they used it untuk letak benda lain, hahahaha.

And our dinner tonite was tuna mornay with wholemeal pasta and peas.



Sekali sekala makan canned tuna ni memang lah sedap sangat2 kan Smile.


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