>He’s so close…….


He is so ecstatic because after nearly 3 months of  blood, sweat and tears (hikhikhik)  hard work and determination, he has gone from obese to normal BMI!


When he first started on this weight loss journey, his weight was around 99kg. And with his height of 177cm (I know I know, he’s not a tall Mat Saleh, hahahaha), his BMI was 31.6! BMI of 30 and over dah termasuk dalam category obese so tu yang buat dia susah hati sangat2. Sape lah yang nak kena grouped as obese kan. Pastu kalau jalan2 dengan I, memang nampak jauh benor beza nya lah our body size, hehehehe.

Another thing I noticed when he started gaining the extra weight, tidur I selalu sangat2 terganggu from his snoring. Kadang2 tu memang nak nangis I and nak aje I kick him out of bed sebab I was so dead tired but couldn’t sleep. Baru aje nak terlelap, suddenly got awaken rudely by his loud snoring. I had to wake him up to ask him to change his sleeping position. Dia boleh terus tidur lepas tu but I was left fuming tak dapat tidur. Dah lah I ni jenis yang light sleeper and susah nak fall asleep easily.

But, as soon as he had lost around 5 kgs of his weight, the snoring suddenly disappeared overnight! Aman damai tidur I sekarang ni without anyone snoring (except me, hahahaha).

Tadi, I just had to take a photo of his current weight.


So, now with 78.2kg, his BMI of 25 is finally within the healthy range albeit the upper limit Smile. He wants to lose a few more kilos still to get to his ideal weight of 75kg.

He said, the closer it is to his target weight, the slower the weight loss. I guess sebab dah tak banyak fat to lose anymore and he is gaining muscle mass, tu yang lambat sikit nak reach 75kg.

Hopefully, he will soon be able to join me in the ‘weight maintenance’ group. Best weh to be able to be in this group sebab kalau nak makan lebih, we just have to do a bit of exercise to burn off the calories and the weight stays the same forever Smile.

Oleh sebab itu, I made one of his favourite food tonite. Pizza Smile.

Tapi I buat thin crust vegetarian pizza makan dengan baked chicken wings.


(tak muat my lightbox nak masukkan the whole pizza tadi. I had to sengetkan dia sikit tadi, hehehehe).


I put pineapple, chargrilled capsicum, diced eggplant, red onion, chilli flakes and fresh basil on the pizza. I only used about 40g of grated light cheddar on the extra large pizza.


Makan dengan baked chicken wings. I didn’t use any oil at all tapi lemak from the skin itself dah cukup banyak.


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