>Kesian dia….


This was what Miss 7 and I did today… Well, Miss 7 had it done, I cuma Ibu Supir aje Smile.

Sape2 yang pernah baca my old post, sure you all tau tentang Miss 7’s peanut allergy kan. She was first tested for the peanut allergy when she was around 18 months kot masa kat Adelaide and it was confirmed. Pastu, we moved here and we didn’t follow up on the test sebab selama ni her symptoms could be controlled with antistamine.

Then, bila dia start sekolah, memang dah lama cadang nak get her re tested just to see whether ada improvement ke tak. But biasalah kan, tak terbuat2 until today.

Kat sini kalau nak jumpa specialist, kena ada referral letter from GP or else you won’t get Medicare rebate. And kalau you nak jumpa specialist at a public hospital (you don’t have to pay extra money), the waiting list will be so long so we opted to go private lah. Kena lah bayar the extra tapinya but much better than waiting months and months kan.

So, we saw an Allergy specialist today and he did the skin-prick testing again on Miss 7. Masa dia kecik dulu, she got it done on her back and punyalah dia meraung, satu hospital dengar Smile.

Tadi, she got it done on her arm and tangisan dia, satu klinik boleh dengar, hikhikhikhik….

But, memang sakit pun sebab you are basically pricked with a needle so many times. Kita pun kalau tercucuk jarum sekali pun dah kata, “Ouch!” or “Adoi!” or “Adehdehdeh!” or “sakitnya!” so her reaction meraung tadi was justifiable lah kanCrying face.

So, this was the result after 10 minutes…


She got tested for 16 different allergens that are common. Yang macam peta Australia tu is the positive reaction to peanut. It is considered quite a big reaction sebab saiz dia was 19mmX12mm. Anything bigger than 7mmX7mm is considered positive. The other 3 small marks are from grass-mixed, mould and pecan.

The specialist assumed that her reaction to peanut would have reduced over the years (because sometimes that’s the case) since she was first diagnosed but salah sangkaan dia tadi. Makin besar adalah Sad smile.

And the end result, she’s put on epi-pen and I have to get her a MedicAlert bracelet. Anti histamine will still be her first line of treatment, kalau makin teruk, then only cucuk epipen.

And how much did the specialist and the test cost tadi?

$350 but we’ll get back around $173 from Medicare (which is the government public health cover). Our private health fund tak cover the specialist visits. It’s not bad lah kan to see a specialist Smile.

Lepas balik from the specialist, I made mee goreng daging for dinner. I malas betul nak masak, hehehe.


Mee goreng ni I guna minyak more than usual, about 3 teaspoon instead of just oil spray Smile. I exercised pagi tadi so tu yang boleh makan extra malam ni.


Mee goreng sangat2 sempoi but sedap, hehehehe….


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