>His new bestie


This is The Other Half’s new best friend.


He keeps it close to his heart, skin to skin, an hour in the morning, an hour in the evening and anytime in between when he feels like it.

Bini dia pun dia tak peluk lama macam tu hari2, muahahahaha….

When we first started our exercise regime, we all guna heart rate monitor watch saje. Every minit, kena press the button on the watch so the watch can calculate our pulse and then from that, it calculates how many calories we are burning during the exercise. It’s not that accurate sebab kadang2 we all terlupa nak press the button while termengah2 exercising. Kadang2, press button bagai nak rak tapi it couldn’t detect our pulse. Macam mana lah nak detect kan sebab tengah buat ‘jumping jack’ sambil press the button so bergerak2 lah the watch.

But, walaupun tak accurate sangat, it was still good enough for us to agak2 berapa calories we have burnt (so, boleh tau berapa banyak food we can eat that day or can’t eat that day, hahaha).

Then one day while we were surfing the net, we found an online shop yang jual polar heart rate monitor (HRM) yang agak murah so we bought 1 for him and 1 for me tooSmile.

And now, everytime we all exercise, we will strap on the polar HRM onto our chest and then put on the watch on our wrist and then voila, the HRM will ‘talk’ to the watch and start counting our heart rate (instead of pulse) and calculate our calories burnt from there.

Tak payah susah payah tekan button lagi dah, hehehehe. Everything will be done through electrical signals? between those two things.

And I found out after using the polar HRM that:

1. kalau I exercise cardio dengan Maya Wii for 45 minutes, I will burn around 225 calories macam tu.

2. kalau I buat Upper body exercise with Maya for 30 minutes, I only burnt a meagre 130 cals saje!

3. kalau I buat core body exercise with Maya for 30 minutes, I will burn around 170 cals aje.

4. kalau I buat dusting, vacuuming, cleaning and scrubbing the kitchen cabinets and sink and stove top for 110 minutes (with lepak2 sekejap in between), I will burn about 300 calories.

5. kalau I sental and scrubbed and cleaned the toilets and the bathrooms and then mopped the floors for 60 minutes, I will burn around 220 cals gitu.

(btw, the calories burnt tak sama for everyone tau. This is only accurate for someone my age, my weight and my height.)

So, you rasa kan, exercise mana yang patut I buat selalu ye untuk kekal langsing?

I guess kalau I nak rumah I berkilat2 from the kitchen sink to the bathroom sink and without a single dust present anywhere sambil melansingkan badan, bolehlah I buat exercise no 4 dan no 5 hari2 kan Smile.

(Hikhikhikhik….rasa macam tak kuasa aje I nak membuatnya pulak pulak….).

Next, I nak strap on the HRM when I go shopping so I can tell The Other Half yang I wasn’t spending/burning money, I was only burning calories/ exercising aje, hehehehehe.

And our dinner pulak, berapa calories do you think I consumed malam ni? Open-mouthed smile


oven baked chips and fish and salad.

Berapa hari dah asik malas aje nak masak from scratch……


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