>Our biasa2 aje Monday


Malam ni I masak nasi goreng with BBQ chicken parts. Ada chicken skewer, chicken sausage, marinated chicken tenderloins and chicken wings.

But, takdelah I serajin itu untuk buat all those chickens. I beli aje yang dah siap marinated and then tinggal bbq aje kat rumah, hehehe.

Nasi goreng tu pun I pakai ready-made paste aje. I tinggal masak nasi, diced the veges and goreng them all.

Tadi I kemas the pantry and I found so many macam2 jenis ready-made pastes yang I beli masa tengah sale, konon2nya nak guna everytime I masak lah.

But, sentiasa terlupa nak guna until dah nak luput tarikh nya, hikhikhik. So, for the next few days, I akan masak guna ready-made pastes aje lah to clear up the stock and the pantry (so I can add more stuff later Open-mouthed smile).



The nasi goreng with colourful veges. Miss 7 kata kat I yang dinner malam ni tak healthy sangat sebab takde sayur. I said to her, “what were those colourful things in your rice? I know they looked like the colours of traffic lights but they are definitely veges Smile.” She said, “Oh yeah! I didn’t notice them.”

See, kalau you diced them finely and put them among the rice, they’ll gobble them up, hehehe.


Malam ni I masak guna the BBQ yang dah lama sgt we all tak guna tu.

And dah seminggu tak tayang the lunchboxes, malam ni I tayang again.

Cuba teka, sape tekak melayu and sape tekak mat saleh kat rumah ni? Hehehehe….


chicken and salad sandwich, popcorn, apple and jam biscuits.


Nasi goreng with chicken, apple, corn cakes and chips.


Muesli for breakfast, plum and bosc pear and nasi goreng with chicken.

Yang sorang tu kan mintak mahap lah dia nak bawak nasi goreng pergi sekolah. Hari2 I bagi sandwich pun takpe. Yang lagi sorang tu, kalau I bagi nasi goreng dengan baked chicken untuk lunch, happy giler dia, hahahaha.

Yang lagi sorang tu, sentiasa happy tak kisah I nak bagi apa pun (as long as it’s not mee goreng lah unless dah takde langsung benda yg dia boleh bawak utk lunch Winking smile).


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