>Put on my hairdresser hat


I’ve been thinking of getting Miss 7’s hair cut or trimmed (at least). Miss 11 already had her hair trimmed a few weeks ago and since it was done by a trainee hairdresser, we got charged only $10 aje. Sangat2 lah cheapskate Mak dia ni kan, hehehe. Itu pun, cuma trim lurus sahaja, takde layer, takde styling langsung. But Miss 11 was happy with her hair cut Smile.

And pagi tadi, I thought of ringing the hairdresser up to book a cut for Miss 7. Tapi sebelum I rang them up, I surfed the net first cari ‘how to cut curly hair’. And I found this youtube video of this pro hairdresser saying that the best way to cut curly hair is to cut it when it’s dry instead of when it’s damp/wet. Because, that’s the only way we can gauge the correct length and the correct curls.

And I tau yang if I were to take her to a hairdresser, they are definitely going to wet her hair and kalau trainee yang potong, maulah agaknya terus jadi rambut ala2 Warrick Brown CSI tu, hakhakhakhak…

So, balik from school tadi, I told Miss 7 yang I was going to cut her hair instead of taking her to the salon. She was quite happy with it, hehehehe.

This was a photo of her a month ago. I terlupa nak mabik gambar dia pre-haircut tadi.


See how messy and long her hair was.


Some of her hair yang I trimmed off just now. Ada banyak lagi on the other side of the bath Smile. Siksa weh nak cut curly hair ni because you can’t pull it straight to cut it. You just have to cut it when it’s in the curly position. Nasib baik client I ni baik aje duduk diam2 tadi Open-mouthed smile.


This is the final length, just under her shoulder. Memang tak nampak macam I’ve cut anything kan but believe me, banyak rambut dia yang masuk Cik Tong tadi, hehehe.

Bila she told her Dad, he said, “Did you get your hair cut? It doesn’t look like it.”

Hisshhhhh…… I’ve saved $10 you tau!

And malam ni I masak slow cooker beef in onion gravy from a packet Smile. I told you yang I nak clear out my soon-to-expire stuff in the pantry.


Just tambah beef, carrot, button mushroom and a bit of tomato puree.


Makan dengan mashed potato and green beens. Macam meals at winter times aje kan padahal panas giler hari ni, hahahaha.


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