>So sleepy……..


It’s only 9.12 but I’m feeling so sleepy. But I can’t sleep now sebab I have to wait up to go and pick The Other Half up at the bus stop soonish. And I have to leave The Little Misses berdua aje at home tanpa any adults, hehehe. Nasib baiklah tak jauh sangat….

So, layan gambar my dinner tonite. Since The Other Half takde at dinner time. I made burger and chips for The Little Misses and I pulak makan sambal ikan bilis with terung and telur goreng.



We’re back. Nothing happens to The Little Misses while we were away for 15 minutes Smile.

Pagi tadi I timbang, my weight has dropped some more which is not my intention. I want to build muscles so my weight should have increased not decreased. Padahal I makan quite a lot lately sebab I nak keep up with my daily calories allowance + any exercise that I’ve been doing.

Ni sure sebab I asik kemas rumah dengan vacuuming dgn sental toilets and bathrooms and gardening Open-mouthed smile. Ye lah, sejak tau yang buat kerja rumah burns a lot of calories, makin rajin pulak I buat house chores ni, hahahahaha.

Macam ni, I kena kurangkan balik lah doing the house chores kan so my weight tak keeps on dropping, hikhikhik….

Tu sebabnya satu hari ni I makan nasi for lunch and nasi again for dinner Smile. Manalah tau kan, esok my weight boleh naik balik Winking smile.


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