>Ramblings on a Thursday nite


Sila tengok gambar di bawah….


This is what Miss 7 has been asking everyday for the past few days, morning at breakfast and after school at afternoon tea time, vegemite on toast!

If you’ve ever lived in OZ or ever been to OZ, you would definitely know about this Aussie icon, the vegemite Open-mouthed smile. Along with pumpkin scones, lamington, pavlova, anzac biscuits, minties and tuna mornay (macam dalam buku cerita Possum Magic by Mem Fox tu lah Smile).

Kiranya macam Melaka terkenal dgn cencalok, Kelantan dengan budu, Penang dengan buah pala (ni masa zaman I kecik2 dululah, kalau sape2 pergi Penang, mesti bawak balik buah tangan buah pala, kalau pergi tempat lain, memang tak boleh jumpa lah buah pala ni! hahahaha).

So, Aussie terkenal dengan vegemite which has been a food staple in every house since 1922. Sikit nya lama vegemite ni bertahan kan!

And since last year, vegemite keluarkan a new product called vegemite cheesybite which is basically vegemite+cheese in it.

But, let me confess here. Walaupun dah bertahun2 I duduk menetap kat bumi Australia ni, tekak I masih tak boleh menerima vegemite nor cheesybite ni. Kat rumah ni, cuma The Other Half and Miss 7 aje yang suka makan vegemite. Miss 11 and I memang tak lalu nak makan. We assumed sebab we all ni bukan Australians, tu yang tak lalu nak makan, hehehe.

(Alah, I yang true blue M’sian ni pun tak boleh telan budu or cencalok or tempoyak, hahaha).

I think you have to be introduced to vegemite at an early age baru boleh tekak tu terima. Walaupun Miss 11 tu membesar kat OZ, tapi I tak pernah bagi dia makan vegemite toast or vegemite scroll masa dia kecik2 dulu, tu yang her tekak memang tak lalu nak terima benda ni, hehehe.

Adik dia pulak ikut tekak The Other Half + tekak I so semua benda tekak dia boleh telan, hikhikhik.

Macam mana rasa vegemite ni, you might ask….

Well, it is salty, not sweet, with a unique undescribable taste. If you put it on your toast, you only put a thin layer of it, not a big dollop macam you letak peanut butter or nutella tu. Kalau you letak a thick layer, even The Other Half pun tak lalu nak telan sebab too salty, hehehe.

And sila tengok gambar kat bawah ni pulak….

The reason why I kena increase my food intake or kurangkan kerajinan I mengemas rumah, hikhikhik….


(Bukan niat nak menunjuk ye. Selalu I tayang The Other Half’s weight, now tunjuk my weight pulak.)

Don’t say anything, I know it is a bit too low for my liking as well. My weight sekarang oscillates between 44.4 to 44.9kg. I am trying to build up my muscles but it is going quite slowly, I only do weights 3 times a wekk aje pun. I tak nak makan over sebab nanti yang increase is the fat. I kena increase my protein intake ni…

Hari tu I tolong The Other Half angkat this heavy almari. He was so amazed to see my well defined triceps and biceps, hehehehehe….


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